D. Gray-Man – 58

Allen wakes up in the Asian Exorcist branch, recovering form his wounds to learn of his condition and the state of his Innocence.


I thought this episode was great. I’m really pleased with their explanation on what happened to Allen’s Innocence. There is a lot that they could have said happened to it and a lot of ways they could have described both his whole heart condition and just how he gets a new weapon. I really wasn’t sure what they were going to do and it was defiantly one of my concerns. It seems like something this serious happens yet he gets better in the end, if they didn’t give a good reason as to why it would have felt like a lot of it was for nothing, but I don’t really feel that is the case. I think the idea of his innocence being alive in a powder form is cool, and that the innocence itself healed his heart. It’s much much better then him just getting some new innocence which I had thought might be the case. It defiantly wouldn’t have been as good for the show if he just got some new innocence, like the one he saved from Suman because it would pretty much mean that losing your Innocence isn’t THAT big a deal, you can just get another one. This way I think is much better for the show and it will be interesting to find out how exactly he reforms it, as obviously it didn’t work in this episode.

I am really like the girl who can go though walls, I don’t remember her real name and I don’t want to because she reminds me of Nagi from Peace @ Pieces a lot so that’s what I’m going to call her. Nagi just seems like she has a really cool power, going though walls is one thing but it seems like she has dual blades on top of that. Add that in with extreme flexibility and agility which she seems to have she can definitely kick ass. Plus, I also like her personality. It seems like it will be very fun to see her more given how kind of fiery and hot tempered she seems to be.

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  1. Agree this was a pretty good episode. Allen just doesn’t recover by some fluke. His innocence is making a patch over the hole so he doesn’t bleed out. Even adds a level of concern with the future since if something happens to the Heart the Noah’s are after there goes his life right there.

    Plus it’s not a quick recovery for Allen and his arm won’t be back right away. An amazing innocence to hold together like that even in a power like form. How he will get it back should be an interesting journey for him.

    Also like Fou from what we’ve seen of her.

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