Myself; Yourself – 07

Shuri tries to get signatures on a petition to stop the demolition of a park while Sana and Hoshino visit the retirement home again.


Wow, that is one crazy, creepy, disturbed old woman. I’m a bit at a loss about what to think about this weird focus. It definitely doesn’t seem like something they are going to shrug off, it will probably get a lot more attention which I don’t necessarily think is the best. It seems like they have plenty of content to focus on without bring this extremely crazy old woman into the picture. What’s going on is a bit disturbing and doesn’t really fit with the rest of the show. I think I would rather have a fluff episode then the old woman focus, at least that wouldn’t really take away from the flow of the other content they should be focusing on, like Sana and Nanaka.

I’m extremely anxious to find out what happens now between Sana and Nanak. I’ve said throughout this show that the best part is the relationship between them and the love triangle going o. Its’ not really a love triangle like a lot of other shows have, neither girl is obvious to Sana that they like him really. Still, I want Nanaka to end up with Sana so badly I just feel so damn bad o her when she is too shy to put herself forward or Sana does something with Hoshino and she sees. Its not like he’s doing anything wrong at all, yet I really sympathize with her. I’ll be extremely pissed at this show if she doesn’t get a good end and ends up with Sana.

It was very interesting to see some development and drama from Shuri and Shuu about their family. I wasn’t really expecting that at all. They didn’t seem like prominent enough characters to really get much development, I thought it would all be on Sana and Nanak, but they definitely did and it does seem to be very interesting. However, it also just surprised me about how incredibly serious it was. Yelling about her mom being dead, her dad using some woman just for sex, everything as very high tension for the first dram we’ve seen from her, so it was very interesting to see. I just wonder how much they are going to develop this considering they still have Nanaka and Sana to deal with, their development as well as the love triangle.

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