Sky Girls – 18

A small WORM cell invades Kouryu and takes human form, causing the ship to fall into panic as they try and find a way to destroy them.


This episode was great. I was amazed at how interesting this was. Honestly the show has been a bit boring recently, having quite a few fluff episodes where hardly anything happens or they just do the same thing over and over again, killing random WORMS. This was extremely interesting as it wasn’t really anything near what they’ve done before. Sure it still involves WORMS but coming face to face with them having invaded the ship was much different. Overall I’m glad they didn’t really have much to do with the whole brother ghost thing. That could still be a topic later on and I’m a bit worried about that just because it seems like it will be too odd, but the content they had now was great and very interesting.

I was very very surprised with the end. For the most part the show was looking to be rather predictable, tackling WORMS and having some random fluff episodes about some character development or just random event. However with the appearance of this Aisha person. In fact this is definitely the most interesting thing that has happened in the whole show. It goes along with the whole idea of some conspiracy thing going on, talking about the origin of the WORMS and all. Hopefully it will prove to be interesting for a while to come. From what I’ve gathered just form this episode and the preview this Aisha person is the origin of the WORMS and seems to be able to control and activate the Sonic Divers. That is one of the things that seems like it has been oddly lacking in the show. They started off early on about the idea, that nearly every mecha show uses, that the mecha has a life of its own somehow. However after they first introduced that concept they haven’t touched on it at all. This appearance of Aisha is the first continuation of that topic so hopefully it will be interesting and not feel out of place. The appearance of Aisha may also bring a lot of content because of the fact it was her who beat Eika. They have touched on that being a hot button for Eika, she was really worked up when she thought Elise was her and now that they finally have introduced her it will likely be a big deal for that topic PLUS the whole being the origin of these things that have killed hundreds.

One thought on “Sky Girls – 18”

  1. Definitely some interesting things going on now. The origin of the WORMS, a girl that could activate Zero, and the one that beat Eika at the start of the series. Now there is some interesting development I was hoping for.

    Good try by Ryohei to help out even if his attempt to get her out of there is what caused them to get hostile and injure him. Point is he was trying to help. Not bad at the end either carrying her off to the infirmary.

    Plus just having the WORMs on board was a unique situation. In human form their behavior and just a real difference from the floating ones that they easily handle. Also thought a big revelation was that Otoha and her brother met a WORM a long time ago.

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