Shakugan no Shana II – 06

Everyone heads over to Satou’s house for an overnight study session to prepare for upcoming tests, Yoshida and Shana agreeing to come along even though they dislike Konoe who is tagging along as well.


I thought this episode was great. I’m very surprised they have but this much focus on the romance aspect of the show but I really do like it. I always want more romance in many shows and I think what they’ve already done with this show, so early in this season of the show, is great. It not only establishes really well what the relationship is like but opens the road for more serious drama later on in the show, without this kind of base I think anything more serious may seem to rushed and sudden. It does seem though that for now the whole jealousy thing being a real problem is over. I’m sure there wills till be some comments and quotes or scenes that show Yoshida and Shana being jealous but they seem to have come to a conclusion in this episode that it’s alright. So, for now I think it will pretty much go back to being normal, I’m just a bit unsure of it they are going to jump into any serious Tomogara stuff or focus a lot on other things.

Next episode they seem to be going along the lines of a romance focus as well, though this time focusing on Ike and Yoshida. I feel like this will be a bit of a waste though as although I think its obvious Shana will end up with Yuji, Yoshida isn’t exactly going to give up on him. I think that even if Ike confesses to her she’ll turn him down just because she has feelings for Yuji. I feel a bit sorry for Ike in that sense because although Yoshida likes Yuji she won’t end up with him so because she’ll hold onto that hope effectively she’ll hurt Ike. I am looking forward to seeing how everything runs out as it is a good opportunity for some of the side characters to get some really great development. Overall though I can’t tell whether this will be that big of a focus or if they will go back to this topic later. They still have yet to deal with too many Tomogara stuff so they may not spend too much time on Ike or anything.

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  1. I don’t really care for Ike so next episode isn’t looking too good if he’s the focus of it. And when he gets rejected I hope it doesn’t spiral into another emo streak. ~_~

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