ef – a tale of memories – 06

Renji tries to help Chihiro see a real library so she has inspiration for her book by deciding to take her to school while Kei fights to get her feelings known to Hiro.


This episode was great. It really does feel like all the episodes have a great amount of content in them. While some may be a bit more high tension then the rest they really all seem to be pretty important. It hasn’t felt like there was any fluff episodes, they all have had something rally important in them. I can’t really think of too many shows that have had a lot of continual content like is, its either fluff or super serious, this seems to be balancing them amazingly, making it continually interesting. Part of that could easily be credited to the fact there are more then one story going on, but still it has become very interesting and I don’t think that there will ever be a lull.

This episode really seemed to focus on the love triangle that has been going on. Last episode focused on it a lot too. At the beginning of the show or just before they shifted the focus away from Chihiro I would think that it wouldn’t really be interesting. After all considering Chihiro’s condition it would seem her content is much more interesting. Still they really have made the love triangle interesting. The situation has easily come up several times throughout anime however it just feels like they are taking this seriously and not having it be the entire focus of a show. The feelings that are in the love triangle really do seem to be serious, and it’s had really to say why I find it so different from most harem shows but it is defiantly done much better.

One of the ore interesting things in this episode was Miya. They seemed to put a lot of emphasis on this disappearing thing .Although at first it wasn’t really literal, just Kei saying how she would win over Hiro’s heart however it was of course obvious that this disappearing thing struck Miya really hard and I’m not quite sure what the deal with that is. She seemed to freak out saying how she would disappear again. I was hoping Miya would have an interesting story and be more then a random girl who gets involved with Hiro and it looks like that will be the case.

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  1. I do think the disappearing thing freaked her out a lot. Still think it has something to do with her parents. Thinking back when she mentioned no one was home during Christmas time? Just seems a bit strange. Guess we’ll find out soon enough what is at the core of her problems.

    Felt Kei was overly hostile. I do understand where she is coming from, that she’s afraid to lose Hiro and that Miyako isn’t taking it as seriously. But who would say something like “I’m going to make you disappear from his heart?” Just sounded like if there wasn’t a train between them she’d be over there in a fist fight over this. Things are going to get messy that’s for sure.

    Things are getting interesting and can’t wait to see what happens. Long as we stay away from the whole Miyako dying to make it interesting bit :).

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