D. Gray-Man – 57

Lenalee tries to deal with the news that Allen may never be an exorcist as she learns of the fate that has befallen him while her and Lavi get orders to continue with their search for Cross.


This episode was pretty good. It wasn’t nearly as action packed and drama filled as the last three or so episodes, but completely understandable considering they have to show the transition after the string of events. However from the way he characters are set up and from the preview for next episode I think that they won’t return to the amount of fluff and filler episodes they’ve had. The general situation of the characters and of the war going on has progressed too far to really fall back into that slump so I do have high hopes for the rest of the series.

One of the more interesting things about this episode was the weird dream thing Allen had where he was kind of weird looking and looked into the lake. The lake ahs been featured in several of the OPs and EDs, even that particular scene with Lenalee having Allen on her lap and her crying. It has to mean something but they didn’t quite get there. It will be interesting to find out what the hell is going on as it ended on a rather weird bit with some evil Allen grabbing good Allen.

I absolutely loved Miranda. Although she has a new sleek outfit and a refined power and weapon she still has the insanely pathetic and depressing personality that is absolutely hilarious. One of the things that is great about her is that many times someone who thinks about themselves that way will get some serious focus on that part of their life with Miranda it is completely for humor and just makes her whole character very fun. Not even taking into account her power just the whole I can never do anything right thing of hers is hilarious. I thought the scene with her coming off the boat was great, making it look like she’s all cool but showing she’s the same person. Plus, her power is pretty great too, even if it does have its limitations such as things go back to the way they were it can still do a hell of a lot, like the time with Road it can be a place to recover wounds and then go fight, although you receive the wounds later at least you can continuously fight with 100 percent of your strength.

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  1. I use the “grab” feature in ffdshow. It’s a codex, I think, that comes with CCCP. I use Media Player Classic and just use the grab feature as ffdshow kind of “turns on” when MPC does, it just takes the screenshots and that’s pretty much all.

  2. The evil allen in the dream scne reminded me of the noah. his eyes and the smile looked exactly like tyki . I wonder, does allen have some connection to the noah in therm of blood . Maybe allen is a noah but he just does know it himself.

  3. Gotta love Miranda. No matter what happens she’ll still be herself. Her ability is solid now though obviously limited in some ways. Not sure how it would defeat Akuma, maybe it could knock level 2’s far back enough that they’d be weak lvl 1’s? But it helps enormously in a fight since you can go all the time. Just make sure the level of injuries at the end is enough to kill you.

    Understandable they had to transfer to the new arc. Allen is down and even alive will still have to figure out where he goes from here. Lenalee is depressed and uncertain if Allen is alright since she didn’t exactly get much info.

    The dream sequence is a bit of a concern. The connection to those nightmares of Lenalee. Plus toss in that weird figure that grabbed him and it’s just an odd situation. Not certain what will happen from here on out but looking forward to the series as things go along.

  4. if something keeps getting repaired imaging a weapon or shield they can use for cover..it would be birtually unbreakable beacuse it would keep fixing it self…

    so you make this awesome defensive postwhich is made of steel and god know what and even if its attacked after a few seconds if it gets fixed then its the best place to keep your army whilst killing akuma…

    well thats how i see it :P

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