Myself; Yourself – 06

Hinako’s mom is out of town so she decides to stay over at Sana’s place, feeling lonely, and when Sana realizes that its her birthday he tries to plan a party for her.


I thought this episode was great. Although it went back to things that weren’t focused on any of the relationships, I didn’t find any problem with it. The show doesn’t feel like it’s really boring, and this episode was really a lot of fun to watch. It really was rather warm and sweet, as although Hina may be kind of annoying or childish it was very cute and sweet to see how she was lonely and really overall the episode was just fun and rather nice to watch. I expect that a majority of this show will be episodes like this until near the very end, alternating episodes that are just here for the hell of it and for fun, like this episode, and mixing in a couple of the more serious ones like last episode. I just hope that they leave enough room at the end for all the things they’ve been building up to, but it looks like they will as of now.

The preview for the next episode did kind of worry me. It showed the old lady from the one episode before, the one that had some really weird thing going on who was likely crazy. I kind of talked about this in that episode’s post but her character just seems a bit out of place in this show. There seems to be some story going on with her about her being crazy, wanting her granddaughter back, and likely burying a little bird alive to try and raise the dead. It just seems…odd. The show seems like it has enough interesting content if it just dealt with things likes Sana and Nanaka’s relationship, as well as the love triangle with them and Hoshino. Plus there are plenty of other things that seem like they could be a serious focus, like Sana’s family issues or Nanaka’s past involving her family and why she doesn’t play violin. There are plenty of things content wise yet there still seems to be this story going on that just doesn’t fit with everything else. I hope if they do in fact have some story involving the old lady that they don’t spread it out amongst too may episodes and just get it over with quickly.

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