Clannad – 06

Okazaki and Nagisa invite Fuko’s sister to the festival at school so she can meet up with Fuko so they help her in preparing starfish for the event.


This episode was pretty good. For the most part nothing big really happened, but it was still fun to watch. Fuko’s enough of a weird and interesting character that she can maker most of the episodes that she is featured in interesting. I loved the bit at the beginning where Okazaki was talking about a setting in the future where Fuko was sealed because of the starfish trance. It was so random yet not slapstick. I think this show does a great job with hat kind of comedy. Although it seems weird and random it’s not the same as other shows that just have random comedy as it is very creative and brilliant. Asides form that there weren’t too many memorable scenes. For the most part this episode was rather slow paced, but at the same time it wasn’t really boring so overall it was pretty good.

Although it seemed as if a majority of this episode was just rather fun and light hearted, I was very impressed with the end of the episode where they made the revelation that Fuko can’t be seen by her sister. Although it was only a brief moment that revelation really did make the situation seem all the more tragic, almost as if the show reminded people that Fuko is indeed a ghost. That is one of the things I was a little bit curious about while watching, they made the revelation near the beginning of getting involved with Fuko that she was a ghost yet they then continued to have fun with her as if she was an ordinary girl. It’s almost as if just the small moment was a slap in the face saying remember this is a tragic situation. However I think that for a little while still they won’t dive too deeply into anything serious but this moment really did make it apparent that they will eventually, and although it was only a short moment it was pretty important. I really want to see how it all concludes now, more so then before.

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  1. lol at some Tomoyo after’s reference. I’m glad they decided to even include some aspects of that game.

    The whole Final hitode tsukai Fuko scene is actually a tribute to the mini game featured on Tomoyo after, a non-canonical spin-off of CLANNAD. It’s one of Tomoya’s skills that allows him to summon Fuko.

    Also, that twin-tailed brown hair girl during the festival is Kanako, one of the characters featured in Tomoyo after.

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