Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! – 21

Mamoru and the rest o the student council try and find a way to restore Ayako’s Beatrice after it was taken away by a device from The Silver Maria.


This episode was ok, it wasn’t really the best. Although I have to admit that I really just want this series to be over with. It’s taken so long for the episodes to be subbed that at this point I’m interested in getting it over with then actually finding out what happens. Still, the current situation is interesting. This episode jut seemed to set things up if anything, but for the most part not much happened. Still, the general situation of things is interesting as I’m curious to how Ayako will get her powers back, but more so just how it will all affect her relationship with Mamoru. The show is nearing its end so I’m both anxious to find out what happens and anxious that it will finally be over. In particular, I’m interested in what part Johan will play, he was a rather influential and important character but after he left he really just completely left the flow of things unlike some other characters who kind of stayed around. He was rather important and his involvement with Ayako was always interesting, I’m sure they have to give that a bit more development and I am actually interested in how that turns out.

Again, I’m not too thrilled about the amount of screen time that Abiko is getting. Even his little bit of development I don’t like. I’ve said this before but they keep including him more and it is getting all the more annoying. I fear that he’ll be included even more then he is now. I don’t think that he will ever be out of it completely or anything, I’m sure he’ll continue to be crazy about Ayako throughout the series, but I was hoping it would be limited to that. This whole deal with his eyes really makes me think that there will be something more with him later down the road, which I’m not looking forward to. They have enough characters and his obsession over Ayako doesn’t add in even the slightest bit anything to the romance story going on, its just his annoying obsession unlike Emel who’s involvement in the romance was interesting. Although I hope he won’t be in the show much more I can easily see him in it, so I’m dreading that a bit.

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