Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! – 20

Emel challenges Ayako to a duel in order to deal with her feelings for Mamoru, knowing that Mamoru’s feelings are for Ayako.


I was very impressed with this episode. I have lost, for the most part, my interest in this show just because of how sporadic the episode releases are. Since I have to go by the subs, the releases being so far apart has definitely impacted the quality of the show. Still, this episode did reamin to be very interesting. I thought they gave great closure to Emel. She has been a rather interesting character throughout the show and I wasn’t quite sure of what to think when she got a big focus on her feelings for Mamoru. However although it seemed like her development was a bit rushed and it almost just didn’t seem to fit right, overall I think the conclusion to her arc about her feelings for Mamoru was done very well. I think this episode would have been very god even if they didn’t have the thing at the end. If they closed with the conclusion to Emel and not with Ayako losing her Beatrice it still would have been good. I’m sure Emel will go back to being pretty much full side character now but I think that’s the best, as any more inclusion past this would take away from the main story.

Although I really don’t like Abiko’s character, I find him incredibly annoying and intrusive to the main part of the show, I did find that his intervention and actions, taking away Ayako’s Beatrice, was a very interesting turn of events. I was kind of dreading what he would do but this turned out to be pretty interesting as it does open the door for a lot of interesting content. I just hope he doesn’t actually have a serious role later on, but I’m sure he might have something because of that weird charm thing he had without his glasses on. I’m not really looking forward to finding out what the hell that is all about and I, again, hope they don’t actually spend too much time on it.

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