Sketchbook – Quick Post – There Are Times When One Shouldn’t Meddle In The World Of Cats

This is one of my first Quick Posts after the first impression posts for the season and this episode was just so hilarious and unique, just rather fun and memorable that I have to talk about it specifically.


I just found the entire cat focus of this episode absolutely completely hilarious. This show in general has been rather funny. It isn’t the most hilarious show I’ve seen and it isn’t really funny in a super unique way. The show in general is average. Average in it’s a good show, but to really great. However if all the episodes were like this or just as funny and unique as this episode was this show would certainly be amazing. I was just fascinated with watching this episode. It wasn’t really great in terms of humor. Sure it was hilarious but the reason it stands out to me isn’t because of its hilarity. I wasn’t holding my mouth to avoid laughing so loud it disturbed people around me or anything. Still, it wasn’t so much hilarious but just fascinating. It was very unique. I don’t really know of any show that has actual cats, not cat girls, but cats as characters going though every day life. It had this unique feature to it that made it just wonderful to watch.


I really really hope that they do some more of these kinds of episodes later. The show has always had a focus on cats because of Sora’s love of them, yet they haven’t done anything like this. I’m not necessarily expecting the show to have full episodes as devoted to the cat life as this one did, I would certainly love it if it did, but if they would just have 5-10 minutes each episode that had the cats in their “world” it would be great. This was truly a hilarious and fun, fascinating episode.

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