Sky Girls – 17

After defeating a WORM, the Sky Girls become stranded on a desert island and have to try and survive until help arrives.


This episode, for the most part, was like the other episodes that they have had recently. It wasn’t really anything special, really just fluff material. I guess I don’t quite know what I’m hoping for this show to be, it’s really already shown that it won’t amount to anything that is epic or has a lot of interesting plot to it. I guess really this episode just pushed the show further along the path of an okay show, but really with this amount of fluff episodes that don’t dear with anything serious or really even working off of the hinting at something serious, the show overall wont ever escalade to something higher. That’s not to say that the show is bad, this show is certainly better then some other episodes that are mostly fluff and for the most part are crap shows. The characters are fun to watch and some of the events that happen, although not anything serious, are actually fun and humorous to watch. Still, with the lack of overall development they have had for this show, not to mention really not much of a plot to go off of, the show is just average and this episode kind of fit that.

Although the show has, for the most part, shown that it won’t become anything super great, I do hope that the future episodes still do try and touch on some more interesting parts. The preview for the next episode did seem to indicate that the whole ghost of Otoha’s brother may be involved. I’m a bit worried about how that plays out because it just doesn’t seem like it fits well into the story but will likely end up being a rather important thing. I can’t say I’m really looking forward to it because I think it will be good and help the show, but I am curious to see what the hell they are going to do with it. Asides from that, I just hope they try and have some focus on perhaps the military being corrupt, following the whole plot bit about the WORMS targeting Koruyuu and the Sonic Divers.

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