Clannad – 05 (Sometimes It Just Falls Off)

Okazaki and Nagisa try and investigate Fuko’s situation and help her out in making sculptures to hand out.


This episode was great. Although it didn’t really have any amazing plot moments or anything, it had a lot of good comedy and it really seemed to advance the story arc of Fuko nicely along. Although there wasn’t anything that serious going on, it still took the mysterious event happening and progressed it while not really tapping into any dramatic moments or anything. I do hope that they eventually have some of those. Not that end in tragedy or anything, the fact that Fuko is in the hospital and not dead easily gives her the chance of coming back to normal, still I think it would be great if there was a bi of a fuss made over the situation at the end of the arc, but even at the seemingly slow pace they are going its really working out nicely and I think they are doing a good job. I am a little unsure of what exactly might be dramatic about it, as obviously something supernatural is going on, but its confirmed she’s not really dead yet or anything so it will also be interesting just to see what the big deal is going to be or if the situation changes for the worse.

Again, this episode seemed to have one scene that was absolutely mind bogglingly hilarious. Last episode had a great moment when Nagisa “confessed” to Ryou but this episodes moment definitely tops it. The scene where Okazaki was tricking Fuko with the whole turning into a girl thing was absolutely brilliant and hilarious. I seriously was just laughing out loud hysterically throughout that whole scene, having to pause it once so I didn’t miss it. The show has other great humor moments scattered throughout the episodes but it does seem to be a pattern for it to have an especially hilarious moment, and this episode’s was great. I only hope future comedy bits are as great as this, that was just absolutely perfect, the way Okazaki was laughing at it himself was just great, I feel kind of sorry for Ryou being forced into all of these situations but its still hilarious. The other rather funny ongoing thing that this episode had was the starfish thing. I thought that was very funny, how it would be stupid for her to carve stars but not starfish and that Nagisa instantly thought that’s what they were.

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