Nanoha StrikerS – 26 [Final]

Subaru and Tea launch a rescue mission in order to get Hayate, Nanoha, and Vivio out of the Cradle before it becomes too late.


I thought this final episode and overall conclusion was great. I was very impressed with the way they had half of the episode focusing on the rescue while leaving a large chunk for the epilogue. I was very impressed with it. I thought the way they did it was excellent. I always think that more shows could use longer epilogues as it really shows the results of al the show has been leading up to, seeing all the results like that is great when you’ve just spent several episodes leading up to the climax only to wonder what the hell happens in terms of retuning to normal. The way they basically had two epilogues was great. Hell, I would have been happy with he first one they had but the second one was all the more better, like some American Graffiti or Animal House like ending. Not just the immediate future but seeing all their future was great. I was a bit taken back when they broke everyone up. I thought that the ending really wasn’t the best but when they showed how everyone was working towards their goals in the future and that was great, really making the overall conclusion all the more better.

I am curious as to if they will have any kind of continuation. They seem to have a lot of possibility for another season while at the same time not. I’m not quite sure actually whether or not I want one. They have potential in the amount of characters and their variation, yet the way they each had their own path in the future makes it a bit hard for them to come together again, but something I wouldn’t be completely averse to seeing.

Final Words:

I think despite anything else this show does have a kind of charm to it that doesn’t really just wear away. After all, even if it is a completely new direction and theme it took very loved and familiar characters and completely progressed them and still included them. It wasn’t just using their design and attitude as a character, this wasn’t a spin-off, it was an actual sequel yet many years in the future which by itself was just rather interesting to watch. That really was the main reason anyone watched the show in the beginning and even if it wasn’t what some people expected and regardless of how it actually turned out quality wise in whomever’s opinion, it still had that aspect to it that I think was just fun to see. Seeing those characters as adults was just fun and all the references to the previous shows were great. Even if the focus wasn’t necessarily on them as much anymore or how they got to tat point just point of them being there, older, was what the charm the show had was about and I think that was one of the more fun parts of it.

The show itself did seem to let a lot of people down. I don’t really think it’s as bad as a lot of people have been saying it is, I did enjoy it to some extent, but it did have its flaws. The animation was noticeably bad in many parts throughout the series. It was at the point that I was able to notice it and it did distract a bit from what was going on. The pacing and focus of the show did seem to shift around. Just the flow of things seemed odd; as they would spend a lot of time practicing getting no results then all of a sudden there would be a huge result form something. However for the most part I think the show did do pretty well. It’s not my favorite show or anything, and as I said it did have its flaws, but overall I really did like the show. The charm that I talked about above really did mean a lot in the show for me and plus the action and fight scenes were good and interesting. They show did just explode in content near the end and I really think it did a great job of redeeming the show up to that point. Not completely but just seeing the string of about six episodes with nearly non-stop action, great drama, and actual plot advancement was spectacular. It really made the content leading up to the climax worth it.

Overall, the show wasn’t perfect. It had its flaws but the charm of it being a Nanoha sequel and having a twist on it like they did with how much of a time gap it had really did end up meaning a lot. Perhaps it tried a bit too hard in some of the drama points to make things seem more important but the final conflict and revelations of the characters were great and in the end it did turn out to be enjoyable.

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  1. There’s a dojin group (Fly-System) that’s making a fan-based game based on magical girl battles. It’s called Magical Battle Arena. The game was released at Winter (07) Comiket, in a trial form, and had Nanoha (A’s version), and Lina Inverse (of the Slayers fame, 2nd season) as playable characters.

    The game’s far more than what I would’ve considered possible by a dojin group. It’s prety obvious that the creaters wanted to keep the ‘feel’ of the characters and still make a playable, fun game. I’ve gotta admit, there’s not quite like Starlight Breaker-ing your opponent into submission.

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