Myself; Yourself – 05 (Cats & Racoons & Mikos… Oh My!)

Nanaka practices for the dance being held at her family’s shrine for the upcoming festival, while Sana and the others attend to watch her.


This episode was great. It dealt with the relationship between Nanaka and Sana but didn’t make that big of a deal about it, both showing some jealousy from Nanak over Hoshino while also just having some one on one time between Nanaka and Sana. I kept feeling so damn sorry for Nanaka whenever she saw Sana and Hoshino. It’s not really as if its anyone’s fault, no one was dong anything wrong or anything, it’s just that she was more or less too shy and got beat out by Hoshino, so it was nice to see her get some good moments. It’s really completely changed form how it was in the beginning. The show quickly lost the drama it had from Nanaka hating Sana and it was a great way to boost the series off. However now it’s still interesting to see how Nanaka’s feelings towards him affect her. They seem to have gone in the complete opposite direction almost, yet it is still turning out to be great.

There does seem to be a new mystery now in the character development. The whole violin thing seemed to come out of nowhere and was a bit surprising. Nanaka seemed to have a fear of playing it again and even had some flash of a fire. Hell, it could even have to do with why she is with her uncle which was also revealed in this episode. They’ve set up for quite a lot of interesting things in the story and its likely they won’t be revealed until the very end, so I’m really looking forward to it.

The end of this episode was really very weird; I was a bit taken back. I thought it was a fine ending before they showed the weird old lady watching the TV like a maniac making thing seem like they were more then they seem. I really hope they don’t end up actually making anything of that weird rumor and legend. The show has a lot of potential for great content without going all supernatural, I don’t think it would fit very well at all.

Next episode seems to feature Hinako again, a lot this time which is a bit surprising. I wasn’t sure she was going to really be included much at all after her first episode, and then seeing her in this episode I thought that was about right, her screen time and all, but again it seems like she’s getting an entire episode to herself which just seems a bit odd. Even if they don’t do any focus on Nanak or Sana I would think that they could give a little bit of development to Shuri or Shuu or even Aoi. It’s not that big of a deal, as its still early in the series so I’m not upset or anything that they aren’t giving Nanaka and Sana development, it just seems odd to focus on her so much when she’s really a side character more then others.

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  1. Know this might be out there. But they pointed out the old lady showing up with mud covering her hands. Around the same time the bird goes missing…Now consider the legend of burying people alive they brought up. Then you see the old lady with the cat…Just saying that if the cat suddenly ‘goes missing’ we might have a seriously freaked out fruit loop on our hands. A crazy woman was definitely not something I was expecting with the series.

    Both Nanaka and Sana have things that have happened to them that are haunting them. We know something to do with fire with Nanaka and her violin. And the knife and blood seriously shook up Sana in an earlier episode. Wonder what will be happening with this series.

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