Hayate no Gotoku – 31

Nagi tries to prove to Sakuya that she could have been a good older sister and tries to take care of two kids they find who are lost.


I really enjoyed this episode. Although not much happened, nothing at all in terms of plot or really character development happened, yet it was still really fun to watch. The show has definitely just become a string of episodes that are rather isolated. Really, the show is entirely episodic so it really just comes down to how funny the individual episodes are. This episode wasn’t bad. It wasn’t quite as good as the last episode, as that one made me laugh harder then any other episode in this series has so far, but this one still wasn’t that bad. It was nice seeing some more sweet and touching moments like they had, such as showing Nagi’s care for the kids. In that sense there was some rather good character development. Overall it was a rather good episode to watch. I guess it could be a little disappointing that all the episodes are really episodic, but it’s been that way for a while. Its starting to hit in a bit though now, as they’ve been doing it for a while if they don’t come up with anything really fresh or new it could easily become too stale and loose a lot more quality.

I am enjoying the butler battles a lot more then I thought I would. At first I thought they were just really stupid and pointless, now I think they are really stupid and pointless but funny if you just realize that they are supposed to be there to just be stupid and pointless. I am curious as to what will happen in terms of any continuity with the whole Kuzuha thing, but the butler battles aren’t really supposed to be important and link Hayate to her, for now they are just stupid and funny and they do do a rather good job of that.

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  1. The two kids that Nagi babysat were actually both a reference and parody to two characters from Saint Seiya.

    Itsuki for Ikki & Shunji for Shun.

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