Sky Girls – 16

Kouryu docks at Nanae’s hometown island in order to restock, giving her and the Sky Girls a brief vacation before they ship out again.


This episode was okay, nothing really spectacular or anything, yet the show in general hasn’t really shown that it’s shooting for any of the really jaw dropping type of revelations. For this show the episode was rather interesting and just fun to watch. Nanae has turned out to be an interesting character and I’m glad they gave some development to one of the characters that wasn’t a Sky Girl. More development then just the fact they were having a comedy bit over breasts. They do seem to be having a lot of non plot related episodes and although they are doing such, this episode was fun enough that it didn’t really make that big of a difference to me; I still had fun watching this episode. However really there isn’t much to say. It was a rather average episode beyond that.

I am getting frustrated with this weaving of important plot episodes with fluff episodes. It just seems like the way they are handling balancing the two types isn’t quite working out as well as it could. It always feels like when they do a fluff episode, just for the fun of it with some comedy or touching moments, it takes away from some very interesting fight or plot revelation they just had, then when they have a bigger episode it feels as if it’s too sudden. I’m fine with them having these “fluff” episodes, hell I’m even fine with them having them as often as they do. I realize the show isn’t something epic and they are actually doing a rather well job of making them interesting enough to watch, however it just feels like the way they are doing them makes it so the show itself has no real focus, continually shifting the focus like they are doing. I just with there was a bit more of a stretch between things. I’m not sure what exactly they can do but it does feel as if what they are doing isn’t quite working out as well as it could.

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