ef – a tale of memories – 04 (Cute Girls Always Want To Write Post Apocolyptic Stories)

Chihiro gets upset with Renji when he asks if she wants to write a novel with him and Kei gets jealous over Miya’s growing relationship with Hiro.


This episode was great. This show is really amazing me with how interesting it can be. It just seems to have a unique style and way of handling things that makes the show fascinating. I have no doubt that I will love all of the episodes of this series, and this episode was no exception. They had a lot more interesting content with Chihiro again, I was kind of surprised at what happened and kind of got to the point where I wanted the other story to hurry up and switch back so I could find out the conclusion. They are already having little drama disputes in the story and its turning out interesting, all of them are very reasonable things that Chihiro may get worked up a bout, its not as if they are forcing these moments into the show. I really can’t wait to see what happens more; Chihiro’s situation is certainly the most interesting in the show so far. Even though it almost seems as if its doomed for tragedy, yet at the same time I don’t want it to be because it would mean it is less interesting and serious.

The story between Hirono, Kei, and Miya has gotten a bit more interesting. It still hasn’t shown any aspect to it that makes it outstanding, something that has as much potential for drama and tragedy as Chihiro’s story, but it is still rather interesting. I’m still holding on to some hope that Miya has some terminal disease or something. That does sound rather cruel and sadistic but I want it to be that way because I just think it will make things so much more interesting. As I said, Chihiro’s story has an aspect to it that makes it really serious and interesting, if they were to add that aspect to the love triangle going on it would be even better. Still, even if they don’t add that it is still rather interesting. Although it may just be a normal love triangle situation that other shows have they really seem to be handling it with a lot of seriousness, not making it some comedy routine but having it be an interesting question of who fits with him better. I feel sorry for Kei because of her past with him when she seems to be kicked out of his life. So its interesting and really I think it remain as such even if they don’t add anything extra to it.

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  1. Well since I like Miyako so far I’d vote to avoid the whole terminal illness bit. Since that would lead to…well death. From her aversion to talking about her family you could have somethign terrible happen there that keeps her alive. Besides seems Hiro’s past with female cooking (Kei…) is a frightening thing in and of itself.

    Should be interesting how the book writing and just the relationship with Renji and Chihiro continues to go.

  2. I’m not saying I want her dead because I dislike her, I love her character but sometimes having those things makes the overall show better. Still, it would be nice if she stayed around but not at the cost of any quality drama or tragedy that makes the show better.

  3. Of course not saying you were out for the girl because of hate. I just personally want to find another way for drama that involves keeping her alive :). I can appreciate how a story can be brought up to a new level via that kind of tragedy. But I personally just get a bit depressed about the whole thing. Especially when its a character I’m growing to like.

    Do think there is potential though. Hiro’s wrist while now not bad could be a source down the road. Family situations for both. But interested in Hiro, since when a guy is living by himself and supporting himself there has to be a reason behind that. Unless they covered it and it slipped my mind.

  4. This episode and all are absolutely amazing. There is a quote in this episode i just HAVE to know how to say correctly in Japanese… In English the translation went ” Can’t we become lovers” in Japanese it sounds like he says “Koibitoni no chata katakana” but katakana is the language… so it cant be correct. someone plz correct and post.
    my favorite anime series ever!

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