Shakugan no Shana II – 04

Shana grows increasingly jealous over how close Konoe is getting to Yuji, but doesn’t know what she can do about it.


I thought this episode was very interesting and liked it a lot. Although it didn’t really have any of the interesting aspects that have made some of the other episodes good, this didn’t really have too much to do with the overall plot and it didn’t really have any action in it, yet still it has turned out to be one of the more interesting episodes just because of the huge amount of character development it had in it. That’s pretty much all the episode was about, the character development, and they did a great job on it on multiple different fronts. Shana of course got the most of it and it definitely made her a bit more interesting, it made her feelings and the situations he was in a hell of a lot more exciting and just more important. They don’t seem to be making all this going on with Konoe a small matter at all, as it didn’t even begin to resolve in this episode, if anything its just the beginning of her turmoil over Konoe and Yuji’s relationship. That’s one of the things that makes it interesting as it shows that this will be a problem for a while to come, therefore meaning that it will be rather important and full of some above average development.

I really do start to feel really sorry for Shana in these scenes. She cares about Yuji so much but due to her stubborn nature and shyness she can hardly do anything. She’s no where near a shy person in any other aspects but would be far from able to tell Yuji she’s jealous. Hell it was a huge deal to just give him lunch. Seeing her be in turmoil herself over those character flaws of herself are very interesting, much more then being mad at him, but being mad at herself makes things more serious as she realizes her feelings and also realizes how hard it is and even how close to impossible it may be for her. Seeing that while also seeing that she still cares deeply for him is good and they’ve done a great job of showing that so far, I can only hope they continue to show more of it.

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  1. I am curious to see how the birds thing will fit into the story. Hopefully it’s not just a randomly assigned “cute thing” to Hecate.

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