Sky Girls – 15 (Lolis Love Their Apples)

Eika struggles with what she should do when she receives news that her father has collapsed, bring up the complicated relationship the two of them have.


This episode was pretty good. I am rather surprised with this show in that they seem to have made some of the “fluff” episodes, things that don’t deal with WORMS at all, very interesting. They’ve had a lot of character development episodes and although they have a lot of them they really are all turning out to be quite good. I was very impressed with this episode and thought that the situation that Eika and her father were in was interesting and the way they handled it was nice too. It explains a bit about her personality while also just making her more human by showing these kinds of problems she has. Overall although it didn’t have too much of an overall affect, not much changed, it still showed a lot about Eika’s character and I really liked that, they did a good job on that front.

I am really wondering now what the hell is up with this ghost of Otoha’s brother. I really didn’t think it was going to even be a topic they hinted on much. Sure they showed him once before a bit, but that was as an afterthought in an episode that was all about ghosts. I really took it as something that was no big deal. I mean, it was a joke episode about ghosts, to show a real one at the end even if looking like Otoha’s brother just seemed part of the joke. However now that they showed it a second time in more or less serious and mysterious way really makes me wonder. I don’t see how there can really be any connection to the plot. All they’ve focused on is the WORMS really and even the deepest part of that plot, while not too deep in any count, is just the fact that the WORMS target technology and it could have been the Sonic Divers that kind of caused the WORMS to attack in the first place. However none of that even begins to touch on ghosts. If they do in fact focus on Otoha’s brother they better explain it well or it will just be rather stupid to have something like that randomly in.

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