Episode of the Week – 10.26 – Clannad 04

Episode of the Week:

Clannad – 04

Well it does feel a bit odd that I am awarding this to the episode which is the post that was posted just before this one, but that’s what it came down to. I’m trying to really judge these weekly awards based on individual episodes and not overall feelings on the series. I love Clannad and am trying not to be biased yet this episode was just too good to pass up. It was a rather difficult choice between this and D. Gray-Man 55. While I don’t really consider the shows equal at all, I already love Clannad much more, but D.Gray-Man has had a great string of very interesting and rather dark and serious episodes. Episode 55 is definitely second place. However there were just too many aspects of this Clannad episode that made it impossible not to pick.

This episode had both great humor as well as some very interesting and intriguing parts. It was really the first apparent episode that introduced the first arc, as the first three episodes were all about introducing the characters and the situation this episode made it fairly clear that they would start with the mystery behind a character and her situation, not just introducing characters as odd and quirky but having them have something serious going on in their life as well and that was great.

Plus, not only that but it mixed in great humor as well. I laughed just incredibly hard to the point my stomach almost hurt on the one scene, which was purely comedy and didn’t have any plot relation really, where Nagisa was “asking out” the class rep. It was just priceless and that combined with the serious aspects placed it on top for this week.

For those that don’t know, this Episode of the Week segment I have started doing is explained here in the post introducing it. This is not a decision based on what my favorite series is to this point in the season but is based on the individual episodes.

One thought on “Episode of the Week – 10.26 – Clannad 04”

  1. Can’t disagree that episode 4 was a solid one that I enjoyed watching. Had to admit watching Nagisa and Ryou was hilarity in itself. Especially when Ryou said yes before taking in what the question actually was. Some good fun with Sunohara getting owned multiple times in the episode. So easy to see it getting picked for that honour.

    Though I personally felt a higher pull from episode 55. The intensity of the episode and the emotions it could bring out during it easily made it the best I’ve seen this week (though helped with the subs for 54 and 55 coming out in quick succession). Seeing Allen suffer through that much pain, give in for a time to that and not wanting to act anymore and finally getting the heart to try and save Suman no matter what it took. Going all out then the the emotional shock to find that his efforts had failed to save him. Just felt a really strong connection with the issues coming up in that episode and everything surrounding it.

    Hard to pick a top episode of course since the series can be so different in what they are trying to accomplish. So don’t think there is a wrong choice between these two that were excellent episodes.

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