D. Gray-Man – 55

Allen tries to remove the Innocence from Suman’s arm in order to save his life, but struggles due to the intense pain in his own arm from pushing it to the limit.


Wow….I am extremely impressed with this episode. It was amazing. Not only was just this individual episode good and exciting but the conclusion to everything that has been going on was stunning. The show really turned rather dark. Throughout he whole arc they have been focusing on some very interesting and rather deep questions whether or not Suman deserved what was happening to him. It’s certainly made me think really hard and for a show that was really mindless shounen for a long time has just exploded with interesting bits. The whole issue with Suman by itself was just fascinating and to see how it all played out was very very interesting.

I think overall the conclusion to what happens to Suman was great. Not necessarily because I want Suman to die or suffer or anything like that but really because in doing what they did they made things so much more serious. The fact that Allan risked his own life to save someone’s life who had given up on his own soul was great but then to see all his effort actually go to waste was something I didn’t expect. I mean, it really did add a lot of emotion to this show. The fact that someone dies even after being saved was great and I’m so glad they didn’t have a more ore less happy ending where he was saved and seeks forgiveness and so on. The conclusion even fits for if you felt Suman should die because he did yet it was STILL emotional due to all Allen went though.

I was really hoping that Allen would loose his arm in this episode or at least somehow have his arm changed. Ever since I saw that in the OP his arm breaks off and is then shown with one that looks different I really want to know how the hell that happens and what the story is behind it. Now, it could still very easily turn out that the arm thing is a result form this event, seeing as his arm was pushed beyond its limit and it even looked like there was a distortion or break in it like it could snap off soon. So hopefully incase this arc has had a tremendous impact on his arm that they will address that question and topic very soon because I really want to know what the deal with that is.

I sincerely hope this show continues down this rather dark and serious path. I’ve become extremely engrossed in this show ever since things took off like they have recently and it has entirely redeemed the show. Before all this happened there were seldom episodes that really were very good as most of it was just useless fluff they were doing. However now things have shot up so much I’m kind of fearing things dropping back into a lull once this arc is over with. If they can keep things going as interesting as the last couple of episodes have been this show will overall be so much better.

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  1. Listen to me sir, as long as they tread down this manga path that’s they’ve recently picked up(EXACTLY from episode 52 onwards) then there is nothing to fear for a relapse, as the first arc JUST finished in the manga, that gives me hope that the anime team will decide to go all the way up to that chapter and finish off without any fillers in between, the story goes by so quick that you wont see any lulls at all. And yes, the dark atmosphere your craving to stay,will stay.

    (ps the manga has that dark tone from start to finish, the fillers in the anime (30 somthing in all, like half the series) really put the whole show off kilter. Too much comedy and useless episodes, no plot to speak of.)

  2. Really was a heavy episode. Have Allen dealing with a level of pain that is hard to imagine. Like anyone he dwelled in doing nothing and just laying there since there was so much pain. Yet he got himself up remembering he can still act. Though yanking out that innocence required using his arm in such a state. Really looked like it could break apart any second. Is a sad end after all Allen did and fought for to have Suman still die. Though maybe at least Suman was able to deal with his actions though it’s sad that he fought past the desire to just accept his death and try to live. But then end up dying anyways.

    Sad for his daughter who until this is over will never know what has happened and that her father is dead. The arc really has given a deep outlook into situations and choices. Going over the choices Suman made and whether we can agree on what happened. At least Allen forgave him understanding why he did it. Speaking of Allen I don’t think the dark times are gone. He’s in a very dangerous situation. His arm is unstable and thus of little help. Now he has Tyki there. While I’m sure Allen would like to fight for what happened to Suman how he will even survive is what I’m wondering about.

  3. They toned down dramatically the manner how Suman died, but there’s nothing to complain about because in the manga it was too gory.

    In the manga Tykki implanted the tease (black butterflies) within Suman before he turned into a Fallen One and once Allen saved him Suman’s body bursted out of the blue literally into a shower of blood and guts swarming with tease.

    For the anime they had his body desintegrating into tease before Allen’s eyes.

  4. Yeah I like the anime’s approach in this case. Bad enough for Suman to die, but to make it that messy might be a bit too much. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised the manga would want to make it like that.

    Had my suspicions that’s what happened. With Suman awaking on that bed he was clearly knocked out. Thought it possible once he’d given up the information Tykki pulled that move, letting Suman do all the damage possible then finishing him off at the end. No matter how you go about it still leaves you with that impact of Suman being gone.

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