KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 03 (More Hot Frog On Frog Action)

Kouichi tries to work up the courage to ask Hoshino to join him and the others to a welcoming party for Mae.


It’s hard to say why I love this show so much but it just eels great to watch it. It’s incredibly fun and interesting while at the same time not really showing any unique characteristics that I may attribute to it. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite show of the season as it certainly isn’t, partially because it doesn’t have any of the aforementioned unique aspects that I find in ef and Clannad. Still, there is just something about it that I can’t really pinpoint anything bad with it either. Nothing that really matters to me anyways. At a glance it may seem to just be another school romance comedy with even bits of harem in it. However it’s pretty abundantly clear that it is also way different. It seems like a good chunk of that can be credited to its source material, originating form what I would only assume a shoujo manga and not an ero game. It’s amazing how different they have turned out to be, although the same premise, multiple girls, love triangles, discovering and confronting feelings for each other, they are also drastically different in their execution and I think that this show is doing it wonderfully.

I still find one of the most interesting things about this show is how many different possibilities d sets of romance are going on. It’s not just one guy and multiple girls, its multiple guys and multiple girls. That just makes it so much more interesting because its not just he guy that is torn between choices, in some cases it could be the girl PLUS it also just adds a situation where there are multiple story arcs going on at the same time. Someone commented last post about Eriko being super popular and may be obvious to win. Well, I don’t know I they got their names wrong or I’m missing the names or something but I thought Eriko was Futami, Futami Eriko. She only has one match up, with Aihara. That still leaves Kouichi completely free for Hoshino or Mae. It’s that choice I’m really interested in as it’s the main one with a distinct choice. Mae seems to be pushing for Kouichi and Hoshino, yet I can’t help but think she’s got to have feelings for him too just form experience with shoujo and just this setting, then again she does have that sax guy that she could always end up with if Kouichi ends up with Hoshino. Really I’m not positive who I actually want to end up with whom. Kouichi and Hoshino do seem to have a very fun to watch and rather sweet interaction but Mae is the childhood friend which just puts her in an advantage. Either way it’ll be interesting to watch I think.

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