Da Capo II – 03 (What!? The School Idol Sings? What A Surprise…)

Yoshiyuki discovers that Koko is in a band along with the school idol Nanaka and when he discovers they don’t have a guitarist he decides to join them and help.


I thought this episode was rather good. The show isn’t really showing anything super serious or intriguing yet, however it is still fun to watch. I did enjoy this episode but it was after all an introduction to a new character more or less and those episodes generally are some of the better ones. I really did like Nanaka, she’s like a mirror image of the first Da Capo character, but that’s not a bad thing. Her relationship with Koko was surprising and could lead to some interesting scenes later down the road but right now she’s just set up as a rather fun character which is fine too. I am curious as to what kind of focus this band thing is going to get, whether or to they’ll actually make it a topic or focus or just more or less forget about it now. Overall the show hasn’t blasted off with anything interesting yet but the episodes, like this one, have sill been an enjoyable watch.

It feels almost weird to say that I actually kind of want Nanaka to end up with Yoshiyuki. I mean, she does seem like she would be the main choice and I usually think a show is much more interesting if it goes with more of a side character. However I feel like I really wouldn’t mind if she ended up with him. I’m not quite sure she’d be my first choice but I’m not really against it, which I usually am for characters in her position. However it does almost seem impossible for that to happen seeing as she’s best friends with the girl that is already going out with Yoshiyuki. If they went down that road of having Naka end up with him it would just be filled with drama and I’m not rally sure see that happening in this show. It almost seems like too serious a focus for them to do. Not that it would be bad, I think it would be rather interesting, just not something I really suspect from them. Still, it will be interesting to see how it plays out as already the situation and set up for this love polygon they have going is a bit different from some other shows.

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