D. Gray-Man – 54 (If You Keep Thrusting It At People I’ts Eventually Going To Break)

Allen learns of the circumstances to lead to Suman’s turn into a Fallen One and tires to remove his Innocence so he’ll be able to live.


This episode was amazing. The show has really been pretty great since the new OP. They have really switched to a serious topic and just make things in general more interesting. This episode just had me fixated on the screen the whole time and really brought up some interesting questions in my mind, not just about what was going on but what exactly my feelings were o n the situation.

Definitely one of the more interesting points that this episode and the whole arc in general has brought up is the darkness and seriousness behind the thing with Suman and where or not he betrayed everyone and if it is justified. This is a rather intriguing topic that really deals with some deep issues. He betrayed the Order by telling them the locations of the exorcists which seemingly did in fact lead to their deaths. However the real question as I said is if its justified and if he deserves what he got. He did it in order to live which kind of seems selfish at first but then again he wanted to live for his daughter’s sake. Still he kind of killed several people for the sake of his own living, they probably had reasons to live to. He did become as he is due to his own actions, he could have just died, however its not like he was put in the position he was in to make the choice by himself. In other words, he didn’t want to fight, he didn’t want to be in the position where his only choice for survival was making a deal like that. I’m not exactly sure how I fee but it is certainly very very interesting to really think about their situation and I’m very impressed with the show for making a topic this deep and dark the focal point for now.

I’m interested in what the hell is exactly going on with Allen’s arm. It surprised the hell out of me when he said something about maximum power and it grew many times its normal size and was made out of pure energy. Then, there is talk about Allen taking Suman’s Innocence so he can live, then I’m really not sure what the hell happens. They all of a sudden show his arm in a weird angle and then it breaks and he’s in horrible pain. Did he already get the innocence at that point? His arm looked different too almost; perhaps his new arm has both innocence pieces or something. Whatever it is I’m not exactly sure what’s happening, however it is definitely very interesting. This is the most involved and anxious I’ve been in a long time about this show as it’s finally showing something that is exciting and intriguing. Hopefully they do explain a little better what is exactly going on, but it’s not so confusing as to make it any less exciting.

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  1. I have to tell ya..that episode 55 (EVEN WHEN ITS RAW) is probably the most emotional episode in the whole anime version so far. Its my favorite episode and i’m pretty sure your going to enjoy it too. (btw that confusion you get is from watching the anime lulz, manga > anime)

  2. Yeah, I figured the manga is far better but I haven’t really ever gotten into reading the non physical copies of manga volumes, I guess I don’t have a good place to download them or even display them other then on computer. Would love a good way to get it on PSP or something. Anyways, it’s a bit late into this series to pick up the manga without it feeling like I’m spoiling it.

  3. I’d agree that episode 55 even with minimal understanding is massive.

    Problem for Allen is that he pushed his arm too far. He’s making use of 100% of the power his innocence has. But that isn’t a safe thing to be doing. As I remember they do a test to find out level of compatibility with the innocence early on. That percentage is as much as you should use it at. Allen is only in the 80ish percent range. So if he uses his arm at 100% then you can imagine how that might be a problem. He had to know it was a risky thing but he wanted to save Suman so he went for it. Allen’s arm was already not that well off as we saw a few episodes ago. Can only imagine the incredible pain. To be crying out like that it’d have to be insane. I’m sure Allen was about to make his move to yank out the innocence that is in that space he was floating in last episode, but before he could his arm couldn’t handle it.

    It’s a tough topic to be sure. Clearly a lot of people lost their lives due to Suman’s choice. But I don’t think Suman had turning into this thing in mind. His innocence is making use of his lifeforce to fire off those massive blasts. It just isn’t easy. He wanted to see his family again since it was for them he finally agreed to join up. It’s not like some soldiers who picked this line of work out of choice his goal wasn’t to defeat the Earl just to survive and see his daughter again. Probably the *right* thing to do would be to die at the hands of Tyki. But in the end Suman is human. The right thing to do isn’t always the thing we decide.

    A major thing was Allen here. He didn’t give up on Suman and wants to save him even knowing what he’s done. Understanding Suman’s feelings he’s pushed himself to the limit to try and save him. Getting the innocence out since its a parasite type will equal the loss of Suman’s arm but living is the important thing.

  4. D: also, http://www.onemanga.com is a great place for reading the manga, even if you dont want to i just felt it my responsibility to give you that link because the anime..well it just throws off hoshino’s intent and just the manga pwnz on so many levels >

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