Sky Girls – 14

The Sky Girls try and practice their Quadra Lock formation, but due to Elise’s solo actions they continue to fail.


This episode was pretty good. They seem to have done a good job of getting into the WORM situation and making some of the fights rather interesting. I just hope that the future WORM fights don’t get too repetitive. I did find it interesting though that they had an appearance of that Vic Viper jet thing. That was a bit surprising as I didn’t really think that it would come into play much. I almost don’t like it just because the fact that it kind of takes away from the Sonic Divers, which the main characters use. Almost as if it’s taking the spotlight too much, I just don’t really like it, I don’t really know why. Still, the WORM fights and this episode in general was pretty interesting.

I was surprised that they had continued to spend this much time on Elise’s character. First off she wasn’t really even an original character, not like the other three girls. She came into the show nearly half way yet they’ve almost spent every single episode since her arrival focusing on some of her character development, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m jut a bit surprised they spent so much time on her. It has turned out to be rather interesting though. She did have an interesting story and situation and really overall I was very impressed with I. It wasn’t necessarily super unique or anything though, but it was done well. It does seem as if it’s reached a conclusion so I don’t think they will be showing too much more of it.

The Next episode seems to involve Eika’s father which does seem like it’ll be pretty interesting. I was wondering when they would feature him because they had said at the very beginning that Eika had a father in the military in a high rank and it already seemed like they had hinted at some hostility there or that just something between the two of them wasn’t super perfect. Whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be interesting to find out and there’s a good chance that all of that will be revealed. I’m not quite sure to what degree things are so it cold be that they will just show something d leave it at that but who knows, they could come back to it later and have something solved. It just seems a little too early in the series for anything to be resolved even if it is something that isn’t about the WORM plot. Character development bits like problems with Eika’s father seem like it’s too early to resolve as well, but I’m sure, hopefully, we’ll at least find out what the situation is.

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  1. Basically the Vic Viper is the most awesome space fighter ever thought up. It’s the ship from Konami’s Gradius series (so I assume you see it in episodes sponsored by Konami ^_^) and I enjoy seeing it make these cameos. As a property it has much more history and a cooler heritage than Sky Girls, so to see it be badass in this show is a big highpoint for me. The only serious issue with its appearances is that the Vic Viper isn’t supposed to be from Earth, it’s from the planet Gradius and represents that planet’s last-ditch effort at using all its greatest technology to save itself from a planetary threat. So, it’s *supposed* to have insane firepower.

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