Shakugan no Shana II – 03

Shana and Yuji try and determine whether or not Konoe, the new transfer student, is indeed Hecate due to their exact similarity in appearance.


This episode was great. It certainly made things a bit more interesting. Really up until this point my main reason for watching the show was simply the fact that it was a sequel. It almost started off rather weakly, didn’t really have a lot of drama or suspense I guess I was kind of hoping for right off the bat from the sequel season. However this episode has put a bit more of that in the show I think. Although they came to the conclusion in this episode that Konoe was human its obvious that there is something going on with her. However their conclusion that she’s not a Tomogara does make it interesting to what exactly she is. She’s not a Tomogara but she’s something. In the previous episode they talked about some Blue Insignia thing and it sounded like they did it to Hecate. Perhaps they actually made Hecate human or made a human clone of her or something. In any case the conclusion that she’s not a Tomogara really makes things more interesting as to what she is because she’s certainly not “normal”

I’m almost more interested in Konoe because of what the preview showed, her getting in the way of the romance love triangle they have going on, seemingly making it a love square. Hell, that could even be her purpose in appearing, sent by Bal Masque or something in order to hinder the relationship Yuji and Shana have to perhaps better their plans. Even if not it still makes for something quite interesting. Although it’s not like Konoe has a chance to end up with Yuji, Yoshida doesn’t either rally, jut the fact that its someone else getting in the way may easily push the emotions of Shana to make some drama appear in the show. It’s almost as if Konoe is going to become the Yoshida of first season. Now that Yoshida is in on everything and it’s known to Shana she like Yuji there is an almost agreement between the two of them. Someone else coming in being perhaps a bit obvious to the situation is basically just like what Yoshida did in the first season. Hopefully though, since this is the second season, it will lead to even more drama in the issue of romance.

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