Minami-ke – Quick Post – First Impression

Well, because several people recommend it to me I did check this show out. I have to say I was very impressed with it. It was really just fun to watch. It wasn’t super hilarious in the sense that there were times that I couldn’t stop laughing, and it doesn’t really have anything that unique about it, yet I couldn’t help but just smile throughout most of the show while I was watching it. Just seeing the way everyone responded and interacted with each other was great. It really is a kind of feel good show, although it may not have anything that makes it simply amazing, its just fun to watch. It’s really a slice o life show and I think the most interesting part of it will remain the relationship between the sisters. It was very fun to watch and kind of sweet in just the fact that they are all together like that. The chemistry they have and the difference in personality is just fun to watch and I think will really just continue to be the basis for this show in being fun and enjoyable to watch.

I loved Chiaki’s interpretation of the letter. I thought it was hilarious how she turned something that was just simply a love letter into a letter that challenged her to a fight. Just being able to make a connection between those two things at all was rather hilarious I think. I think some of Chiaki’s weirdness and the fact that she seems mature for her age but also kind of weird will be one of the more fun parts of this show as well.

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  1. If you liked it so much then blog it. I like it as well and would love to hear your thoughts on the rest of the episodes.

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