KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 02

Aihara tries to find out more about Futami and confront her about the kiss she gave him while Mao pesters Sanada about information on the girl he likes in his class.


I’m really interested in who Mao is going to end up with now. I really thought that it was going to become a competition, although done in a more shoujo and drama way then some other shows, between Hoshino and Mao for whoever ends up with Sanada. However with this episode they really showed Mao connecting with the sax guy, and even showed her talking to him again in the preview for next episode. So, really she has a good chance of ending up with him since he’s in the same class and they’ve connected a bit, however there’s also the huge connection she has with Sanada. I’m really not sure who I want to end up with Sanada. Mao has the whole childhood friend thing going and I can really see some great content coming from her finally realizing or saying something about her feelings during some episode, likely while its raining or something. Yeah, I’m kind of falling on clichés a bit but that’s half of what theorizing is. Anyways, Really Mao has a good chance to end up with either guy and I’m not really sure who I want her to end up with. I mean, I really don’t care about the sax guy. Sanada is more the main character then Mao, if there can really even be a main character in this show.

Who’s going to end up with who does pose an interesting question. It hasn’t become apparent yet but I think it may soon about who’s going to end with whom based on just the general focus. Right now there are lots of characters and a possibility of about three different pair ups happening. There’s Aihara, the red haired guy who has Futami that’s a point of interest and then perhaps the soccer girl only because they showed a bit of connection and she’s important enough to be in the OP. Then of course Sanada who has Hoshino or Mao. Then Mao, if she doesn’t end up with Sanada could end up with the Sax guy. Its interesting and I think the show will show relatively soon whether it will be a chase and competition for who ends up with whom or if it is more three separate stories, and really I have no idea what one its heading to nor do I really have a preference. That’s what amazes me the most about this show, there are so many possibilities already and I don’t really know where it’s heading or really what way I actually want it to go.

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  1. Well, Eriko _is_ Kimikiss, she has dominated every single popularity count. I’d be EXTREMELY surprised if she wouldn’t end up as a “winning” girl in the end.

  2. Well I haven’t really read anything about what this show is based off of, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. Still, the way this show is set up its hard to say what “winning” is because there isn’t just one guy, that’s what will make it interesting I think.

  3. ahhh… yet another series I’ve yet to start, those screen cap panels you make are freaking awesome tho! no lie :) I’ll add my “thoughts” once I watch this :P

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