Hayate no Gotoku – 29

Wataru asks Nagi and Hayate for help in trying to stop a marriage meeting that Saki is having.


I thought this episode was very funny. For something focused on side characters the way it was, without really much focus being put on Nagi or Hayate, it did turn out rather well. I thought in general the situation with Saki and Wataru is kind of funny, as it’s a bit unclear of how that relationship is exactly. Still, just in general the plot of the episode was pretty funny. I did specifically really love the whole lip reading thing. Not something that original at all really, someone saying they can read lips but messing things up. Still though, it was rather funny. Especially when Hayate screwed it up and said things like I want to break you, in the context he was giving it in, it was indeed very funny.

The weird Butler Battle of the week thing they did is rather interesting. It does look like this will be something that they do every episode now, having really quick rather random battles that parody some show. At first I thought it was a bit of a waste to have a battle like this just at the end of an episode that already had a lot of its own good content. After all, this whole Butler Battle thing was pretty much an afterthought in the episode. However, I think it perhaps its better this way. The battle was very funny, but I guess if they tried to drag it out any longer then it wouldn’t be. There’s not that much content they can drag from purely parodying something like that. It’s likely to be the same with the other Butler Battles, so I am looking forward to them. I just hope they make use of the quick time slot, as it does give them a chance for a lot of good content in that time if they can focus on some of the parody stuff.

4 thoughts on “Hayate no Gotoku – 29”

  1. Your review started off strong (good) but got a little bit weak towards the end. Nonetheless thanks for these wonderful screen cap panels and taking the time to share your thoughts about this episode with the rest of us :)

  2. Damn. Just found the manga story this came from (see Volume 10), and its strength was in, as you pointed out, how it played off the side characters for a change. And I’d thought this was an anime-original ep too.

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