Eternal Sonata Ch. 7 & 8 – Heroic and Heaven’s Mirror [Final]

It’s me Xeby-chan bringing you the fianl post of this game. Those people from before go and do things trying to kill the oen bg thing that did all those other things. So then they go after the thing but after going after the thign that one guy does this oen thing and then he’s defeated so this other perosn does another thing and everyeon is like, “Noooooo!”


  • Everyone finds themselves on the other side of the portal, seemingly on the moon or in some weird place that seems to be between life and death. They go though some tower to deactivate some barrier in order to follow the giant dragon to where it’s going.
  • They make their way up another tower, and we see a scene where Chopin, Jazz, and Falsetto are talking. Jazz saying how it’s a little far fetched for this whole world to be a dream, perhaps the world he knows of that he thinks is reality is the dream. Chopin says he doesn’t know, and says how in both a dream and reality you can control your own actions, so perhaps there is o such thing as a dream.
  • We also see a scene of Chopin, Salsa, March, and Viola talking. Chopin says he’s no sure where this road he is on will lead him, but he is sure this will be his last journey. He says the road’s destination is shrouded in darkness and he can’t see his destination. Viola says she’s the same way, however instead of darkness, she can’t see her destination because it’s filled with light, that they are all on a road.
  • We then later see a scene where Chopin is talking to Claves. They talk about the differences between music and paintings, how they are two art forms that capture time and feelings differently. Claves says that if only there was an art that captured both of those things. An art form that required more then one sense to appreciate, that it may be an art form even God would appreciate.
  • Finally, we see a scene with Chopin, Polka, Beat, and Allegretto. Beat pretty much just tells everyone about his camera; how he got it form his father before he died. He says he thinks it can capture more then you see. Allegretto makes fun of him and he runs off, but Polka says how she thinks what his father meant was that pictures capture a moment in time, more then jut the image the memory of the event, she asks Chopin if music can do that as well.
  • Before going though a portal left by the defeated dragon, upon visiting a side dungeon everyone finds inside Claves. She explains how she’s basically a ghost and her soul is in shards scattered around the dungeon and she can’t leave. Everyone gathers them, defeating Rondo again while at it and eventually gather her soul, resurrecting her.
  • Fredric goes though the portal and says when a man’s consciousness is fading he must face his soul and confront himself, the one time that they look upon themselves. He tells everyone they don’t understand, they are nothing ore then fictional characters he created in his mind. He says when he is defeated in this battle a truth will be born in the world, a fleeting dream will transform, filling the world with color. Chopin says they will test it, if his soul is capable of becoming a lance that will pierce though every one of them.
  • After fighting and defeating Chopin, he says he was glad he’s not able to defeat them after all. He then falls and collapses. Polka walks up to his body, telling everyone to stay back. She apologizes to Allegretto for not telling him this sooner. She says she couldn’t tell him because she didn’t think he’d take her here if he knew why she wanted to come. We see her with her back to a cliff face, like in the beginning scene and in which Allegretto had a flash of when he saw Polka on a cliff before.
  • Polka says she remembers now, she knows the path she must take. She sees her mother before her, or she appears before her. Her mother says that Polka shall jump into the sea. Polka says she can see now what her mother’s kindness was always hiding from her. She says how she buried her memories because she didn’t want to worry her. She was subconsciously hiding them away behind the dark clouds that hung over her feelings.
  • Her mother says it’s her fate to go into the sea. Polka says they’ve lived their lives only seeing what they wanted to, ignoring everything hurtful and only saw what they chose to see. They world they created in their hearts became real over time. Eventually it became so real it clouded their eyes and hid the small truths around them.
  • Polka says she’s realized that all along her mom was guiding her, making sure she followed the right path. But she realized after she left home that all this time she was guiding her down the wrong path, because of her love for her as her daughter. Polka thanks her mom. She tells her mom that she has to realize one day that water doesn’t necessarily travel downhill.
  • Polka’s mom backs up and Polka says the time for everyone to be settled has come. She says it’s her destiny, perhaps even her purpose. She says no, it’s not set in stone; it’s something she has to decide. Allegretto yells out to wait. Polka says it’s okay, there’s a place out there she’s needed. A place she has to illuminate with the light of the astra in her heart. Allegretto just yells out to stop it. Polka says she must do this, for the person who means the most to her. She says her life is nothing compared to his, doing this is easy if it’s for him.
  • Polka falls off the edge of the cliff as Allegretto yells out her name and falls to his knees. Allegretto asks why he couldn’t do anything for her, what should he have done for her. He asks if this means dying was the only thing Polka could do. He asks why she had to suffer, why she deserved that. Allegretto just yells, pounding the ground. Allegretto yells at Chopin’s body, saying he just barged into their world. If this is his dream then he should do something. Allegretto just stays on the ground, crying, saying he has to do something. Chopin wakes up, saying if this is really a dream…
  • We see Polka falling, thanking everyone. She says she knows it didn’t last very long, but this was the best time she’s had in her life. She asks if she blows him a kiss, if it will reach him up there. (The same line at the beginning when we see this scene) She says she hopes so, she really does.
  • After the credits we see a scene where Polka as a kid comes floating down to her mom. We then see a shot of Chopin in the other world, on his death bed. He dies and the doctor proclaims his death. Then we see a scene that they showed up before, of Polka as a kid walking with her mom, talking about the sea and waves and Polka’s beauty. Soon Chopin’s voice comes in and says how he won’t’ let Polka die yet, as she’s only lived for 14 years. He starts talking about the Heaven’s Mirror flower, saying they draw in the faintest amount of light and embody it, reflecting something that people can never see. They wait for the moment where their world is in darkness and open up releasing their light. On the grassy plain, they paint a picture of the star filled sky. He asks if it’s black around her, if her world is in darkness. He sys the time has come for her to blossom. He asks if she remembers, she said it was up to him whether he wanted to call them Heaven’s Mirror or Death Lights. He says he’ll make his definite decision now. The flower that resembles her, the flower that challenges the darkness, I chooses to call it Heaven’s Mirror.
  • We resume the scene of Polka as a kid walking with her mom, that’s been playing throughout Chopin’s speech. She lets go of her hand and says she’s sorry, but someone is calling her. Her mother says she sees, she must have met the person who’s a perfect match for her. Her mother says she really wanted to see her on her wedding day. She says she supposes the only thing she can do for her is tell her this. Come back someday, and do her best. Polka closes her eyes and what seems to be agogos appear around her, floating her up and glowing as she is raised to the sky. Her mother says she has been able to become more like the sea water stirred by the beauty of the moon.
  • Polka flies up, shining brightly with agogos around her. As she travels, we see her return to her normal self, still with a flower in her hair though that her mother put there when she was a kid.
  • We see everyone else in the same place, looking sad, Chopin standing up. They see in the distance the agogos and then Polka. Allegretto sees this and stands up. Polka lands in front of them, where her feet touch it turns the rocky barren wasteland into a filed of flowers, seeming to be the same field she was in with her mother earlier, and stand before everyone. Allegretto runs over to her, and she runs to him. They hug each other and then kiss…
  • We see the other world, Chopin on his death bed. An image of Chopin form the other world, in the same outfit, sits up form the bed, while his other body still lies there. He walks over to the piano, being a ghost and kind of flowing, and starts to play. The woman in the room with him, who was from Chopin’s life starts to sing, not seeing Chopin but perhaps hearing him. We see a scene of Chopin in the other world now, playing the piano in a field of the Heaven’s Mirror flowers as they open up and shine at night.


That was amazing. I was just blown away by the ending. Although this game had me continually amazed at the story and character development I still did not expect it to be this good. I mean my god they had serious talk about dreams and reality, life and death, the light of ones heart, and a good romance story. All of that just in the final scene. Everything really just came together perfectly. I loved the reference back to the very beginning and the flowers. It was just such a great scene it really pretty much sent chills up my spine. When Chopin yelled out he chooses to call them Heaven’s Mirror it was, well, just amazing.

It’s a bit hard to explain why I loved the story so much but the final scenes and the ending just fit everything perfectly. It was a BEATIFUL story that was told, Polka’s sacrifice, Chopin’s revelation, the feelings and emotions of everyone. I can’t really say much more because it’s hard to describe some thing when they reach a certain level and this is one of them. This was fantastic, the scenes actually just made me sit on the edge of my seat, I believe I was so excited and anxious I was even standing half pacing back and forth in front of my TV watching the ending, it was great.

I was a bit surprised with Chopin kind of going mad. It almost seemed like it didn’t fit well and I’m really glad that in the end it was focused more on Polka then on him. Although it seems he is the one who kind of set things back to normal instead of having a time loop, his going crazy and fighting him almost seemed to just not fit. Still, it was a rather interesting conclusion and I did like how in the end the world is both a dream and n to. A dream obviously because Chopin did something to break the time loop, yet not because it still existed without him.

I do have to say that the greatest quote I’ve ever heard was said in this section. It is one of my favorite lines of all time now as it’s just hilarious. It was when reviving Claves, upon first seeing her. Salsa says, “Are you a…..ghost?” Claves says, “Yes, Salsa, I have returned from the dark beyond to visit revenge upon you for eating all of my chocolates.” I really don’t know why I absolutely love this line so much. Partially it’s because upon first seeing someone who was thought to be dead in an intriguing situation there is a line that is just so random and joking in a not comedic situation really that just makes it great. The fact that everyone is shocked that someone they knew has returned from the dead for all they know and she just says something like that, it’s hilarious.

I do have one little problem with Claves revival in that it isn’t focused on enough. Sure it’s technically an optional thing but they still should have made a bigger deal about it. There weren’t any actual cut scenes during the whole ordeal, no scenes where you hear the voice acting. Hell, even though she was revived when you finished the game its not like the scenes there were slightly edited to show her which could have been completely possible. She didn’t have to do anything important that would affect the show, but could have been shown at least. My biggest gripe is though although she was revived there was absolutely no closure or talk about Jazz and Claves back together or Falsetto coming to terms with their relationship better or anything like that. If they are going to make an optional thing as big as bringing someone back t life they should put a little more into it.

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  1. Aaah! Someone who agrees with me that the ending was beautiful! I was in shock, and awe throughout the entire ending and then I just cried. It was sooo pretty!

  2. Wow, thanks for the explanations here. The ending scene is sooooo beautiful, Chopin playing the piano in the blooming sea of Heaven’s Mirror. I keep watching again and again the entire ending, and even I start to become confused whether the whole adventure was just a dream. That’s too realistic to be a dream.

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