Clannad – 02

Tomo tries to help Nagisa out with starting up the theater club again, helping her get the word out about its opening and helps her get more members.


Wow, this series really does continue to amaze me. I have extremely high hopes and expectations of this show and so far it hasn’t done anything to lower them. I’m really surprised it’s this good right away. They just seem to have an amazing mix of comedy, GREAT characters, everyday life things, serious dark things, and a mysterious focus too. All of these things at the same time, yet they don’t conflict with each other either. It’s almost surprising but I just absolutely love this show. The serious bits are already very heavy The whole family thing with Tomo and his dad, the fact that he got in a fight with him and can no longer play basketball which he seemed to really like is a huge blow of drama and I’m sure it only gets heavier from here.

As I said the characters in this show are amazing and this episode pretty much introduced two new characters while still keeping some other rather undeveloped, leaving a lot of content left to continue to focus and chip away at these characters development. I think that will be one of the more interesting things and probably a source of comedy as well, as the characters are pretty interesting. They introduced Kotomi, the quiet smart girl. She really really reminds me a lot of the magic shy girl personality from Mahoraba. It’s been a while since I read the manga but their looks are freaking identical, and they are both relatively quiet, although Kotomi just seems quiet and a bit weird and unique, not shy. Still, a very interesting character. However, due to her uniqueness and that she is kind of on an end of the spectrum for her character she doesn’t really stand a chance of ending up with the guy, an I’m not quite sure what serious focus she can have. Then of course the unnamed star girl. Star as in she was holding a star, not that she’s the center of the show. She was hilarious, and will definitely continually be a source of comedy. However because of how extremely weird she is, she also doesn’t really stand a chance of getting too much development.

The character development is something I’m really interested in but relatively unsure about. I keep comparing it to Kanon in that Kanon had story arcs that dealt with each girl, giving them serious situations, life threatening. Here however they haven’t hinted at that quite yet, and two of the characters seem odd enough that they will probably be comedy centered and I don’t see them getting that kind of attention at all. However, again I’m comparing this to Kanon. Perhaps there won’t be lots of story arcs for each girl, but really I don’t see why not. After all, it’s based off a game with different paths. Each girl has t have a story that the game gives you if you choose them, so I’m really interested in that aspect. I think Tomoyo, the white haired girl, has some potential. She’s like a non shy Mai almost and I really hope that soon she becomes friends with the main character as she has already hinted at some interesting past.

The ghost girl thing really has me continually wondering and paying really close attention to the show. They mentioned it now in both episodes bout some ghost girl who looks normal and that she’s going to the school and I can’t help but continually guess if that’s Nagisa or not. It almost seems obvious, yet not. The ghost girl could be referring other weird very cryptic and mysterious things they have about the girl who was playing with some robot in the world that has ended thing; however Nagisa hasn’t interacted with anyone but the main character. NO one has touched her or talked to her or made not of her existence expect her family. However, that family thing is what’s holding me back almost. They see her, but perhaps they are all ghosts, however then why would the bread shop still be there. There are lots of things pointing towards and against that theory and I’m just really not sure, but it’s certainly one of the interesting things going on, just like the girl in the room thing. OBVIOUSLY it’s important, but how will be the real question to look for.

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  1. I love how Key games actually take time to develop on male protagonists, which many other games neglect on it. As a character role that the player assumes, It draws into them more deeply than the stereotypical male protagonists found in many bishojo games.

    The anime feels a bit fast paced compared to the game, but given how other character’s story don’t pack much depth as Nagisa – with the exception of Kotomi (hint, hint ;) ) – I guess the pace is fairly fair, especially since it should be quite obvious that one who will take the center stage will be Nagisa.

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