sola OVA – 01


Koyori wins tickets to an indoor pool and spa, and takes Yorito, Mana and her friends along where they run into Takeshi and Mayuko.


Wow, this OVA was great. It was absolutely hilarious to me, but it was mainly just really great to see everyone in the show. Sola was one of my favorite shows and just the fact that they had the OVA was great and fun to watch. I just really loved seeing everyone, especially people interacting that don’t normally interact with each other. Just seeing Mayuko and Takeshi talking with Yorito, Mana and all of Mana’s friends was hilarious. They really played on the gag about Mayuko and Takeshi’s relationship, but it was really funny. Just seeing the normal side of the show without any supernatural things going on meeting up with Mayuko and Takeshi, who never had any connection really to Mana’s friends was hilarious.


There were just many things that I found hilarious about this OVA. I loved the bit where Mana and Koyori were playing “Spa Reporter” I was kind of confused at first just seeing that, but it was really funny and the fact that they just blatantly said they were playing reporter like that was great. I also loved seeing Sae react to Takeshi. That was a pretty funny bit in the original show and they played on that a lot too, but it was great. Then of course the friend of Mana’s who reacted heavily to cute things was great too, thee way she freaked out seeing Koyori and Mayuko saying to be this cute its almost criminal.


One thing that I absolutely loved was their use of the music in this episode. It wasn’t really in a normal way, but completely comical. It was hilarious. They had the serious music play at times that weren’t really serious. The music that played for instance when Aono or Matsuri faced each before the fight played when Yorito walked in on Aono in the swimsuit and when Sae saw Takeshi. Things like that are just great and it really was just plain hilarious when it came up.

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