D. Gray-Man – 52

The exorcists encounter a huge swarm of Akuma as they head to destroy something unknown to them.


HOLY FUCKING SHIT. THAT OP WAS AWESOME. My god, I don’t even care about the episode right now, the OP was just so amazing. I had rally kind of lost a lot of the interest I had in this show because of all of the fillers and fluff episodes lately. However this OP really gave me a huge boost of excitement and confidence in the show. It showed so many cool things that this show has built up that I really forgot and don’t care about some of the other stuff. The OP has defiantly made me excited for what is going to happen.

First off, the OP showed Miranda in an exorcist suit. FINALLY it looks like we’ll get to see her. She was like completely disregarded in all sense after her introduction and then a small episode when she got to the order. She had such a great power it seem d like such a waste. However not only are they going to show her, the OP showed her totally kicking ass like shooting some disk and fighting. I’m really looking forward to seeing her. Another thing as they showed Kanda duel wielding two blades, and then there was a scene with Allen’s super arm being RIPPED OFF. Then, a scene they’ve kind of showed before of Lenalee crying with what looks to be a dead Allen in her lap. They also showed Allen with what looked like a new arm and hand, with some weird fur sing thing and an arm with long long nails but not super bloated. There were so many teasers this OP showed that it just blew my mind.

Ok, well I did lie when I said I didn’t care about the episode, as this was freaking huge. They have DEFINETELY moved away for the fluff episodes at least for now. This was huge, this weird rather unexplained “Fallen One” thing. My god, what the hell is up with that? I really don’t know what’s going on with that, it really seems weird, but also important. It seems as if Suman was trapped there, because he wasn’t accepted by god? Why the hell not? Plus, this whole topic brings up the issue of if all of the Order is necessarily super good. Lenalee seems to remember seeing something about this when she was a kid and at the order, that’s why she freaked out and knew what it was called. If that’s the case then it really seems as if parts of the order aren’t all super good and do some things that aren’t right. That brings in a whole new topic of interest.

There was also a little bit of hint at feelings between Allen and Lenalee. God I hope they expand on that. I always want romance in a series, I admit that, so I have really high hope that there will be some in this, and from what some people have said there is something between them eventually, whether or not the anime will show that and in what capacity is unknown though.

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  1. don’t wanna ruin anything but i was looking up some information about the “fallen one” and it was very interesting, it’s on wikipedia if you wanna read about it, no spoilers and it explains why Suman became what he was.

  2. thank you so much for blogging this!! and i got to agree w/ you, the opening is awesome w/ all the forshadowing and stuff. i think the anime is back on track w/ the manga again…hopefully

  3. huh…that was weird. No idea why the system marked your comment for moderation – no problem in blogging it, the opening definitely shot my hopes up for this anime yet.

  4. muahaha..i definatley told ja. Good thing too, i was just about to give up on the series to before episode 52, now that they’re finally using manga material.

  5. Oh yeah, FINALLY they’re back to manga!!! I read manga, so I am SOOO EXCITED to see upcoming events. It seems like you don’t read manga, so I’m not gonna spoil anything, but believe FANTASTIC things are coming up in D.Gray-man, because I actually think that D.Gray is one of the best mangas ever made. And I just hope hope hope that anime will not suck. :) I totally lost interest in show, and now they feature an awesome OP, ED and episodes…and….damn, I am so excited.
    And about romance – I hope it’ll happen. Well, it’s not like Something happened between them in manga YET, but I do hope they will show some love;)

  6. well i dont know about that hotarubi, some THINGS are quite ambiguious if you wanna put it that way..in the manga.

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