Myself; Yourself – 02 (Still Amazing)

Sana and Nanaka are both chosen as class reps for their class, forcing them to spend time together while Nanaka still seems to have disdain for Sana.


I absolutely love this show. It’s incredible; it is really beating out Shana II for second place this season in my opinion. I don’t know why I love this show so much, as really it’s not that innovative or new, it does have some interesting and unique aspects, but still it seems rather ordinary. Yet at the same time there is just something about it that I’ve just fallen in love with. The dynamics of the relationships between everyone is just great, especially involving Nanaka. Its not a typical story of romance that you see, as she obviously has feelings for him and vice versa, or we’ll see that later on, but the situation they were placed in with her changing so much and the main guy having to win back the main girl is just something this show has and is doing it excellently.

I think that the addition of Hoshino will make things really interesting. She’s obviously going to be a love rival, however although her inclusion pushes this more to the side of a harem like some other shows are, it’s still really fresh it seems. After all, Nanaka’s way to proud and stubborn to admit her feelings and is still probably mad or just disappointed and kind of sad that Sana didn’t remember her. Really I think Hoshino will serve to get Nanaka jealous enough that she will eventually make a move. However, I don’t think Hoshino will only be there to fawn over Sana or anything. I can easily see her having feelings and confessing to Sana before Nanaka has made known her feelings, which could really make things interesting.

The bit with the song was just pure awesome. I loved that scene and I was really waiting for something to happen that would spark in Nanaka the fact that Sana really does remember her and care about her. The whole bit about him being able to ONLY play that song because of how much it means to him was great, and just shows that he’ll end up with her. However, I’m just not sure of how many more moments like that they can have, but it was a great scene.

I again have to mention Aoi. There is just something about her character that I absolutely love. It’s kind of hard to explain, she’s not really a serious character. It doesn’t seem as if she contributes to any of the romance going on, not as a rival or main interest like Nanaka and Hoshino. However, although she’s really just there for comedy and to fill in the place of another friend, I absolutely love her. Her voice is kind of different form many characters in most anime, especially one in her role, and is almost a bit annoying; yet at the same time its one of the things that I just love about her. Again, it’s hard to say why exactly but just seeing her makes me smile.

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