KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 01

A childhood friend, Mao, comes back form living overseas to join her two friends in going to the same high school together.


Well, I had originally planned on just having this be another quick post series that I was going to do for this fall, only do a couple of posts about the show throughout its duration. However, I realized that I’ve preached before how much I love romance in a show, and that I hadn’t really fully blogged or even watched a romance anime in a while. Seeing this as an interesting show that was definitely more romance inclined then just a normal school romance comedy show, I decided what the hell. I did find it very interesting, as it was well put together. It seems to have almost a mix of some shoujo romance elements and some harem in it as well. However, I really do see this show becoming serious near the end and becoming really great, and have high hope so frit. It has defiantly caught my attention.

I’m interested in what the overall flow of this show is going to be, as it hasn’t become completely apparent from the first episode as to who is going to end up with whom, which is generally a sign of a good series. There seems to be tow separate stories here, as already the sidekick guy for the main character seems to be getting some story of his own. There seem to be two main contenders, the girl that the guy likes how ended up in the same class as him again. He got kind of embarrassed seeing her and she did as well, there are obviously feelings between them. However, Mao is obviously and important character and I would be just shocked if she wasn’t included in the romance. My first guess is that He’ll like the other girl first, but then find out that Mao likes him. However, I don’t know what path it will go to after that. Plus, there are many other girls that haven’t really been fully introduced, and who know show complicated the while bit with Futami and the other guy is going to be, as her personality doesn’t seem to be the kind hat would want a real relationship right off the bat if she just makes a move like that as an “experiment”

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