Shakugan no Shana II – 01

Yuji finds himself experiencing the same events that have already happened to him, although no one else seems to notice anything being wrong.


This episode was pretty interesting. First off I’m just thrilled that the series is back so really regardless of the actual episode it was pretty great for me just because I loved the first season. This episode did however seem to be almost a mix of trying to catch up on previous events and create new ones, which did seem a bit odd just because the just had the Shana movie which pretty much dealt with the first arc. However, it does really seem like the show has a greater purpose already selected. It doest seem like this is an isolated incident, as the preview for the next episode seems to be about the same dream thing happening but to Yoshida and Shana as well. So hopefully this will prove to be more then just a summary, which is already pretty obvious considering that they don’t really show anything that happened. Not how either of the two villains that showed up were defeated. However, even so I’m just interested in how this will tie in with the three main bad guys and the overall direction of this season.

I was happy to see that there are already some hints of romance being prominent in this season. As I’ve said before, I love romance in a show and think it helps make the show better, even if it’s not a romance centered show. I think it’s obvious that Shana had originally said that she loved Yuji that time Yuji was trying to remember what she said. However, although it doesn’t seem like they will go off of that event much more, at least the rivalry form Yoshida and Shana is still prominent, so hopefully it will be a big focus.

I do have to mention one thing I forgot about this show that I realized and really liked, which is Tiamat, Wilhelmenia’s tiara and her version of what Alastor is to Shana, whatever it’s exactly called. It was very funny whenever Tiamat just chimed in, not that it was super hilarious drop on the floor laughing moments, but it did make me smile whenever it just said something. I really do like Wilhelm’s character too, so I hope that they appear more in this season because it is fun to se e them.

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