Hayate no Gotoku – 28

Hayate fights his way all the way to the final match against Shion after having to face Hina.


Wow…this defiantly turned out very very differently then what I expected. I really thought that this butler tournament would go on for at least another episode, perhaps even two, yet all of Hayate’s battles were forfeits pretty much except he Hina and Shion ones, which were both over in a flash, I was just stunned. I really thought it would last a lot longer. The super quick battles didn’t even seem to add anything, sure there was a bit of humor from the forfeits, but they could have made the flower guy and Hina’s battles both last longer, hell it would have even been funnier if the battle between Hayate and the rose guy went on much longer, Hayate being really close to defeat and then the guy leaving. It all just seemed very very weirdly put together and I’m not quite sure what to think, hopefully things will return to normal. Not necessarily in reference to the tournament, but it just seemed like things were handled a bit differently.

One of the very weird things that happened in this episode was the all of a sudden announcement of some evil dark butlers that are going to be going after Hayate. I loved the Butler Network thing where they actually said it looks like the story is turning into some Shounen manga, because that is exactly what it looks like if the story would be solely focused on the weird butlers. However as they said, and the preview indicates, it seems like the show will be more or less normal for a while. Still, I’m sure that they will still show up later in the series, if not then it makes this episode all the weirder and kind of pointless. I’m just curious as to what their role will be exactly, as it would again be headed towards an arc for the story. I thought the tournament would be a long arc but was way way shorter then I expected, so who knows, the same thing may happen with these dark butlers.

I have to quickly mention Isumi, of course she’s my favorite character in this show and her small little part in this episode was just absolutely hilarious. Getting lost all the way to France, when she’s on a freaking island nation is just great. The whole gag about her getting lost so easily and in such exaggerated means hasn’t really lost its touch, as it was absolutely hilarious in this episode.

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