Nanoha StrikerS – 25

Nanoha faces off against Vivio, trying to save her from the control of the doctor and other cyborgs while Vita tries to destroy the ships engine before it can reach orbit.


This episode was great. It really pretty much seemed like, and probably is, the conclusion to the huge arc they had started a couple of episodes back. For the most part everyone is defeated and the final battle between Nanoha and Vivio was great. Not really between the two of them, as Nanoha didn’t really fight to hurt her, but the scene in general was amazing. It was just freaking awesome the way Nanoha had been searching for the other cyborg the entire time during the fight and then just blasted though half the ship to destroy her. That was just insanely cool and kick ass of her.

I was rather impressed with the whole story they seemed to have around Zest. I really didn’t see him as an interesting character, let alone one that would more or less have his own side story. Hell, he just seemed to be yet another bad guy, even though he wasn’t a cyborg, he was still just another enemy. However not only did they give him a side story, they made it really interesting. I was pretty drawn in by what was happening to his character, not only did they give him a story, they did a good job on it. His past involving pretty much dieing for a cause that wasn’t necessarily just, choosing to die because there was really nothing left for him, more ore less being forced to do things. It’s hard to explain exactly but he just felt like a really well developed character near the end. He wasn’t always interesting, which is what made his development all the more interesting.

I’m curious as to what the next episode is really going to be about. I’m in a way a bit skeptical of it just because this episode really did seem t conclude everything. Sure everyone is still stuck inside, but an entire episode just to more ore less get the very high powered people out of an already disabled ship seems like it won’t take it far. However, this is kind of good. I always love when a show has a good prologue, and really if they can just quickly get everyone out then they will have plenty of time to deal with the prologue, which I really do think they have a good chance at. I really hope Vivio stays with Nanoha, but I would like to just in general see how other things turn out.

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  1. I really doubt they will dedicate the entire episode to everyone escaping the ship and what not. they will probably dedicate only half of the episode to that and then much like the other season finales, have what happens a few days afterwards. how Nanoha and Vivio end up and what not maybe a few years later.

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