Nanatsuiro Drops – 12 [Final]

Haru tries to remember what has happened to him over the past year, feeling as if something is missing but not being sure what exactly.


Wow, that was amazing. This episode was great, as it was pretty much completely without magic yet still managed to be very interesting. I cared so much at this point in the series what happened to everyone that I was just glued to the screen almost. Everything was really done beautifully. The animation and colors, just the surroundings were beautiful and fit the touching feel the episode had perfectly. It rally just felt nice and I loved the conclusion. I feared that he wouldn’t regain his memory and they would just end up doing a thing where he would have to fall in love over again but Sumomo might be fine with it or whatever. Although he didn’t actually gain his full memory back, the fact he remembers loving Sumomo and that they are pretty much now going out and everything, just haven’t gone on a date yet as far as Haru’s concerned is fine. Its much better then leaving it with him regaining anything.

I was a bit surprised at the role that Nona had in this episode. It really seemed as if her role in the series was completely done after the incident that turned Haru into a doll temporarily permanently…. Anyways, it felt as if it was over because there was no longer a struggle of the stardrops, and it seemed like she didn’t have a purpose, however I’m glad that they included her a bit like they did, and it really did seem to fit. Overall her character turned out very very nicely, as originally she just was a rival, but like all mahou shoujo shows she became a friend and I think they handled that transition nicely.

Final Thoughts:

This series really amazed me in a lot of ways. I’ve always, well not always, but I am a big fan of mahou shoujo shows. Although it may seem kind of odd, I admit it, I love them. So I decided to pick this show up without much though, as it was from a genre that I did like. However this really did exceed all of my expectations. The main thing that just really hit me about it was how just plain warm and nice the show felt. It was just really rather sweet with a lot of nice moments, not really focusing on magic or conflicts or anything like that. There wasn’t really drama with romance, but just romance that was there and, well as I said, sweet. It just had a kind of feel good mood to it and it was great to watch the characters Sumomo was incredibly cute and just seeing her with Haru and just everything they were doing was great, it was just fun to watch.

One thing that I have to say is that its show is almost not even mahou shoujo I felt. I mean, I guess it would still be in that genre, but it almost broke way from what some others were completely. It was really focused more on the romance then anything else. Sure there was always the stardrops there and Sumomo had magic powers, so on and so forth. However, it really felt as if the only purpose of the magic was to supplement the romance story between Sumomo and Haru. Really in the end, that’s what it eventually led to. Because of the magic that’s how they got close to each other. Hell, the final episode didn’t really have any magic in it at all. The final conclusion to the series didn’t involve the magic at all, just dealing with the feelings they had and how the mind doesn’t remember but the heart does. Now, I’m a HUGE fan of romance in shows, and sometimes want it more then a show has, but this seemed like it was just perfect. They had a lot of romance in it and although there was another focus it really just led to helping out with that, which is one of the reason I just loved it so much.

Overall, I really just had a fun time watching this series. Although in the beginning I was watching it because of its genre, it really seemed to break away form that genre completely, yet I still found myself absolutely loving it. I just felt good watching it and it was fun, plus Sumomo is extremely cute. I know I’m behind on posting pictures of my figures, but I got a figure of her just because of how cute she is :D

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  1. Yeah.. this anime just turned out to be a big love story basically. Adorable. ^^
    Oh, and.. Would you mind letting me know where you buy some of your anime figures?
    Thanks. :’D

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