D. Gray-Man – 51

Allen and the other exorcists find a town that Cross had been to, but they find out that he was recently on a ship that was destroyed at sea.


This episode was really just another fluff episode. Although that really isn’t something we or shocking, after this long with the series it is getting a bit annoying. I really think the pacing of this show could be so much better. Sure, I know there is a second season coming, that they will hopefully get to some of the interesting things eventually, but even so, it seems like they just have too much of this wasted time. This episode was all about getting on a boat, that’s all. It just seemed like it was a bit of a waste. The good thing about this though is that they do seem to be on a set course for Cross and have a bit more determination, which is always good but I cant help but remember them doing this exact same thing like over ten episodes ago. I just hope they step things up.

They little bit they had with Lenalee was interesting, the whole homeland thing. Although, I’m not quite sure they did that great of a job on it. It seems like they are trying to force in little bits of character development in drama into too small of periods. They’ve done some things like this before, trying to make some big deal out of small things in order to show some drama and character development. While it’s interesting that they would do this with Lenalee, it almost seemed out of place and that they could have done it better. There was the bit with her crying just because she was saying that her home country isn’t her home, the order is. Then there seemed to be a bit where she knew exactly what her brother was doing. I’m not saying these were all bad, but it seems like they could have done a little bit better job in dealing with this, as it seems like a waste. Character development is great, and I think the show would benefit form it, but I think they really need to start focusing on it if they are going to do it and not just throw it in secondary to other things happening, or it doesn’t really accomplish much at all.

The next episode does seem like it will be a bit exciting, as they seem to confront the thousands of high end Akuma at one time, so if nothing else the fight should be a bit interesting, and the preview seemed to hint at something even more going on.

3 thoughts on “D. Gray-Man – 51”

  1. x_x you have NO idea what next episode entails, new openings and endings detailing the best part of the manga, and its fully manga material next episode too, no filler bullcrap. 100% recommended.

  2. I never said it wasn’t. Fluff refers to the fact that not much happens in relation to the overall plot, regardless of whether or not its in the manga or not.

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