Clannad – 01 (Another show that is freaking awesome)

Okazaki, a student at a high school, meets a girl named Nagisa who he tires to help have more confidence in everyday life as he notices her just sitting alone.


That was just simply freaking amazing. I was astonished at how much I fell it love with just this first episode. I mean, its not like this was a complete under dog show with no hype, after all it is probably one of the most anticipated series in a long time seeing as it was announced a while ago just following a string of KyoAni success. But still, my god I was surprised at how much I loved this. It was amazing in so many ways. It first off had a lot of great humor, I was surprised at this the most probably, as I really just laughed really hard and long at so many of the scenes, especially the ones about Nagisa’s family. I didn’t expect this to have too much humor in it at all, but still this has been one of the funniest episodes of something I’ve seen in a while, which really surprised me. The show also had some interesting serious things such as Oka’s problems at home and a theme of things changing if that’s good or bad and some weird things like this world is already dead and so on. Plus it of course had the relationship dynamic. All of these things presented themselves right away, and they did it well enough that it really was just amazing. I didn’t’ eel like either part of these features weighted the others down or anything and I can’t wait to just see more of it.

Going into this series is a bit different for me, seeing as I had already watched the first Kanon series when the second came out. I haven’t read anything about Clannad’s story so it’s really pretty fresh for me. I’m really curious if there will e any supernatural aspects to the show. I really have no idea, and normally I wouldn’t think so but seeing as it’s a Key game, it very well could be. After all, there was some weird mention in its episode about that one girl who they kept showing kind of appearing all over the room, and the comments about the world being over, and then finally Nagisa telling Oka she can take him to a place where wishes come true. So it looks as if there will be some, but I’m curious as to how much. As to if the main focus is going to be on the relationships or if it will be mixed with everything. Really, what I have to kind of go on for this is Kanon, I’m wondering how it differs. Either way, I’m really looking forward to this show, and although I fell in love with the pretty much unknown show this season Myself: Yourself, this has expectedly topped it as my favorite for this season.

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  1. Clannad’s main theme is family. Won’t tell much here……but the girl in the room is very important to the story.

  2. It’s ok, I’ve got a lot of shows because of the new season so I’ll get to it soon, but I did indeed see that. It is a show that warrants “news” when a sub is released, I think it was nearly a year ago that the last episode came out :D

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