Myself; Yourself – 01 (Freaking Awesome)

Sana returns to his hometown after leaving it five years ago, leaving his four friends behind, and sees how things have changed.


Wow….I’m simply amazed at this show. As you may have noticed, I kind of lied when I previously said this sow would be one of the ones that I just did quick posts. I fell I love with this show so I HAVE to do a full blown workup for it. I didn’t expect it to be anything at all, just a random school romance harem. However it is almost completely different then that. It’s practically nothing like that. Sure there are multiple girls but they all aren’t fawning over him. It’s really about how things have changed. Of course, mainly Nanaka, who I’m sure Sana is going to end up with in the end. Still, although I know who he’ll end up they set up the premise well enough that I don’t care; I really want to know HOW he ends up with her. Not just that, but the topic of returning to things and things changing over time makes it interesting not just how she end sup with Sana, but how and why she changed her personality so much. Really, I’m amazed and simply in love with this show.

I do have to say that Aoi is extremely extremely super cute. Not in a way that some other characters in various shows are either. She’s not super small and shy or anything, she’s rather eccentric, well built, and so on. Still, her voice and just her incredible passion for things that causes her to go way too far is just absolutely hilarious. As I said, I’m pretty sure Sana is going to end up with Nanaka; I mean there’s almost no question about it. Still, Aoi is a great character and so far my favorite of the show. She’s hot and cute at the same time, plus her personality is just hilarious to watch, she’s a very fun character.

There are some questions I have already that aren’t just the blatantly obvious kind, and I’m guessing they may in fact have quite an effect on the story. First off are Sana’s reasons for coming back. When he was asked about it he seemed to get rather serious and just said that he had his own reasons. That doesn’t seem like something that can just be shrugged off. There also seemed to be some tension when he was talking to his mom so I’m really curious as to what the deal is and how that connects to it. Second is what Shuu yelled when Sana was heading away on the train. It doesn’t seem like it would be something important, but it seems way too odd that they would just throw that randomly in if it wasn’t important what he said. It could easily have something to do with what’s going on with Nanaka, as that would give it an important connection to things happening now.

Overall, I just want to say that I was just simply amazed at this show, as I said before. I’m tempted to say it is my favorite show of the new season, but of course there are the powerhouse hitters like Clannad and Shana II. Of course it’s not just that they are big important shows, but I’m very inclined to like them. Still though, I’m fairly confident hat this will be in my top three favorite shows for the new season, as I didn’t expect this to be anything at all but I just simply can’t wait to find out what happens.

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  1. Yeah, I had zero expectations going into this, but this is the surprise of the season so far for me (granted, the season’s just started…). I have a little trouble with Aoi’s voice, because I just picture it as Chiyo-chan from Azumanga, but you’re right, she’s an entertaining character, if a little eccentric. There are a few things that make me think this could be an interesting series: the part in the OP where in Nanaka’s eyes you can see flames and some mystery guy, Shuu’s parting yell to Sana five years ago (it’d be funny if he was yelling “I’m hard gay for you!” but I doubt that was it…), why Nanaka has gone all tsundere when she wasn’t like that five years ago, Sana’s awkward conversation with his mom on the phone and why he came back to this place…I can’t wait to see where they go with this either. I love the character designs too, which doesn’t hurt–not to mention the OP’s addictive as hell (in fact, it’s playing in the background as I write this…).

  2. this anime did not even make it to the anime i must watch this october list… i happened to copy it from a friend and now i will surely be waiting for each episode..

    and yeah.. Aoi sure is great, i hope they give her a lot of air time and even a minor story arc.. but again, it is a no-questions asked that Nanaka is the main heroine of the story…

  3. yea was hooked onto the first episode once I watch it… At first tot it was just some tomdickharry aninme when i heard the name but after watching it, it was like such a splendid experience XD Love the OP too when they doing the live concert =)

  4. I love this anime mainly because of the settings and characters. It’s really great seeing an anime where girls don’t fall all over the main guy, almost no drama at all (Not sure since it’s the beginning) which is really great. Very relaxing anime to watch. I have already recommended to a few friends of mine, and they too, loved it. Btw anyone knows where we can download the episodes? I’m planning on uploading them on veoh

  5. hi
    yo no hablo ingle, pero ojala lo puedan trducir de los pocos capitulos q he visto de mysel yourself me ha gustado mucho es muy tierna y triste tambien bueno no se q mas decir >

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