Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 25

Haruka heads into the Turiavita base with Imber in order to confront Yukiho, while Iori and the twins try and fight the Epi iDOLS to give Haruka an opening.


Wow, things certainly haven’t really slowed down at all since they picked up a couple of episodes ago. This episode was just full of Yukiho and Makoto goodness. Makoto didn’t actually have as big of a focus as I thought she would. She kind of just realized she needed to be on the good side when Azusa died, and there really wasn’t much of a fight of conscious for her. I’m really glad she’s back and all, but they didn’t really make as much out of it as they did for Yukiho. Yukiho was very interesting to watch as she kind of went crazy there for a bit. Her feelings were running very high so it made what happened to her very interesting. I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to end with her, and I was almost suspecting her to die or sacrifice herself somehow. It seems like its all over now, and that was really the main focus of this episode, but they did a great job on it.

One thing I’m kind of surprised about, not really plot related, was that this show actually made me sad that a mecha died. As far as I can understand Nubulim is completely destroyed, as its core was just obliterated by the giant beam. I’m pretty sure Yukiho is still alive, as they pretty much said that Nubulim sacrificed himself for Haruka AND Yukiho. Still, I’m sad that the mecha itself has died, and that really shows to me at least how good this how has been at really drawing me in and connecting with me with everything going on. I mean, these mechas don’t really have personalities. Although they are alive it’s not like they distinctly talk or have attitudes and personality flaws, things that other characters have that make them enjoyable. Yet still the fact that it sacrificed itself was amazing and I loved that not only did that event happen but how much this show has drawn me in to make me care about it.

I’m really not sure what the last episode of this show will be about. About halfway though it looked like this episode would conclude the series. I mean, the confrontations are done, Turiavita is destroyed, Yukiho is kind of back on the good side as is Makoto, all the iDOLS are with the good guys, and there isn’t really any threat except maybe that one jerk guy. It seemed from the preview that they would kind of focus on the general topic about what the iDOLS are and what they mean to everyone. That’s a very vague topic so really the series could end either way, but already the main plot has kind of concluded. Its hard to explain, its as if the show has come to a close for half of the series, the part that focused on the plot, but the other half dealing with the connection between the people and iDOLS still needs to finish, so I guess I’m looking forward to how the second part of this series ends.

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  1. It’s kind of stupid that they make Yukiho and Chihaya very popular characters in the game Idolm@ster, but they make Yukiho and Chihaya very unpopular characters in Xenoglossia.

  2. Just so you know I am not offending Yukiho and Chihaya. I am not saying I hate Yukiho and Chihaya either, it is just pretty ironic that they would be evil bitches in Idolmaster Xenoglossia.

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