Da Capo II – 01

Koko, a childhood friend of Yoshiyuki, tries to get the courage to confess to him at the school festival.


I loved this episode and it really seems like it’s the start of a great series. As I’ve said before I’m a fan of school romance eroge adaptations, even though I know all aren’t really good, still enjoy watching them. Anyways, that’s a rant for another time. I really enjoyed this episode and look forward to where it is heading. I am very curious and interested to find out who Yosh ends up with. Its not blatantly obvious right from the start so that’s always a good sign. People have pointed out already and I agree and know what they are talking about that generally if a girl confesses right at the beginning she doesn’t end up with the guy. After all, a lot of the fun is the chase and if that’s over then there’s not much to focus on. In this kind of show that is, this isn’t a strictly romance shoujo show so because of Koko’s confession there’s a good chance of him ending up with someone else. However, that almost makes me more interested. Not only do they have to show who he ends up with and why, but then why he breaks up with Koko. I just hope that Koko isn’t left devastated. I’m sure she’ll probably be sad but I actually do hope they have a kind of return to friendship thing between them.

As for candidates to end up with other then Koko, that’s one of the thing that surprises me. There really seems to be Nanaka and the blue haired girl from the OP, plus his two “sisters” The blue haired girl isn’t an option because she’s too shy and lonely like to be the winner, but I’m sure she’ll get some focus. Nanaka almost seems like the main choice; however this is Da Capo, so his sisters probably aren’t sisters. The thing that interests me though is they didn’t say right from the start that they aren’t blood related. I really don’t think this show would actually make him end up with them if they were, so unless they state that rather soon they are almost not options. I think it’s between Nanaka or the sister who’s first (family) name is Asakura. I mean, Asakura, come on; it’s the same as Nemu.

I have to say that I’ very impressed with the animation. I usually don’t really pay attention to the animation in a show and unless it’s extremely horrible to the point of not being able to watch, I really don’t care, so I don’t pay attention to small stuff. But the quality of this episode did really catch my eye. I loved the effect that they kept using where they showed the sun outlining the characters, especially Koko in the last scene. I just thought that it was beautifully done and I hope that the quality won’t drop as the show goes on. Although I’m sure it will a little bit, like I said I don’t really care, it’d just be nice to see this kind of attention to the rest of the series.

2 thoughts on “Da Capo II – 01”

  1. There is one thing.

    Did Yoshiyuki accept Koko confession because he liked her or because the tree granted Koko’s wish. Because by the end all the granted wishes will most likely be broken and what happens when Koko starts to question does Yoshiyuki really love her or is he with her only because of the granted wish.

  2. I didn’t really get the impression that there was anything supernatural involved in the confession or anything. Not to say that this show won’t have some of that, as it is Da Cap and Yosh has already shown some magic, but it wouldn’t really work out for the show to have someone go out with someone because of a wish, there’s no control.

    In other words, I wouldn’t even consider for a second that Yosh went out with her because of the wish, not that he will still end up with her but if he doesn’t it isn’t likely because he was forced to feel that way because of some tree.

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