Post Changes Coming In Conjecture With New Season, Xeby-chan Posts To Increase

Well, I figured that I need to make this post before the post that talks about what shows I’ll be blogging from the new season. As the title suggests, I’m going to make some slight changes to some of the series in the way that I blog them. I’ll still roughly be tackling the same number of series but some of the series that I don’t have as great of an interest in I won’t be doing an episode by episode post. I may do a post after the first episode and then just more or less random posts along the way as the show gets further and further along.

I will say specifically what shows I’ll do normal posts for, such as the ones I do now, and what shows will get a more summarized version in the post that should follow quickly after this about just what shows I’ll be watching for this new season. I’ll for sure do the bigger shows and the ones I’m more interested in with full blown posts such as I do now, shows such as Clannad and Shana, however some of the non anticipated ones or the ones I just find out about when looking things up I’ll just do a couple of posts throughout the series, thing such as my impressions, if an really big event happens I’ll talk about it, and so on. So I’ll still be doing a post for it, but no extensive screenshots or episode by episode impressions, batch posts again in other words.

More specifically, the batch posts will include one after the first episode about what I think of the show, if a character appears or does something that causes me to fall in love with them I’ll rant about that, and any big plot twists or just outstanding episodes I’ll do posts for. Then, of course finally I’ll do a final post for the end of the show. However, as I said these won’t be about the episode in particular, but the series up to that point.

Although all this means that for the most part my posts that deal with the individual episode shows will decrease, seeing as how a chunk of them will be batch posts, that does free up some time. I won’t just completely blow that time off, a sit wills till be for this site however I’ve decided to give Xeby-chan some more time, so here to talk about what she’s going to do with the time I give her as a result of these shortened posts, here’s Xeby-chan to tell you directly.

Hello everyone! It’s me, Xeby-chan as Xebek pointed out. Because Xebek is cutting back a bit on his posts I’ll be able to spread my super cute brilliance for everyone.  I’m planning on making a full post soon about what I’ll be offering, but for the most part they will be rather editorial posts that are likely to come about once a week. I’ll do some of the Character Profile posts that I’ve done in the past along with just posing interesting questions about whatever I find is interesting. Plus, even more that you’ll have to wait for my later post to find out about. So have no fear, although Xebek’s posts are cutting back, mine are jumping forward! :D


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