My Fall Season Picks

Well, here’s my post of what I’ll be watching and blogging from the new season. I realize its kind of late, but as my previous posts have been the same way, this post really isn’t made to inform people of the shows that are out there, but just to show what I’ll be addressing.


As my previous post said, I’ll be doing a good chunk of the shows his season with short posts every now and then throughout the series when interesting things happen. So, when listing the shows I’ll first list the show I’ll do normally and then the shows that will be done with less detail.



Full Show Posts:


D.C.II ~Da Capo II~


Well I am a fan of harem and eroge adaptations. Not to say they are all good, as I know they aren’t, but I still enjoy them. Anyways, I liked the original Da Capo even though they kind of screwed things up. Hopefully this will be a bit better, but since it’s along the same lines as Da Capo, I’m obviously interested.


Shakugan no Shana II


This is a no brainer. I was a huge fan of the first Shana season and I’ve heard it has the same staff as the first season so hopefully this will be great. I jut hope for things to be more serious in romance and the plot, and seeing as it’s a sequel season they don’t have to waste as much time introducing things, I’m definitely expecting such.




Again, I didn’t even have to think about this one. I’m a fan of Kanon and KyoAni always have amazing animation. I’ve heard that Clannad is even much much better then Kanon and I love romance and drama, this seems like it would just be an amazing show.


Kodomo no Jikan


I did a post on the OVA and really enjoyed it. I’m a bit worried about the news that some of the content in the anime may be dialed down. Not because I’m watching the show for it, but a lot of the humor comes from that content and without it, by kind of censoring it, it may loose its draw. Anyways, should still be an interesting watch as I did find the OVA hilarious.


Ef – a tale of memories


I really don’t know much about this show but the main girls looks really hot and cute. It seems like it’s along the lines of romance and that’s always of interest to me. Asides form that I don’t know much but it seems like it has great animation and character design.


Prism Ark


It seems like this will be a show about cute girls with powers who fight things with some romance between the main girl and the main guy. I love romance and everything else seems to fit perfectly.


Limited Show Posts:



Sketchbook ~full color’s~


It seems like it will just be a very calm slice of life show. However, it seems like it will be interesting and a relaxing anime isn’t bad.

BLUE DROP ~Tenshitachi no Gikyoku~


I don’t’ really know anything about this show, but the general synopsis sounded interesting even though I’ve since forgotten it, and this is a Limited Post show so why not.




I don’t really know anything about this show, but the general synopsis sounded interesting, even though I’ve sense forgotten it, and this is a Limited Post show so why not.


Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun


This seems to be about a guy who lives with a live in maid who goes to his school and two demons. I’m really not sure what to think of this, as I don’t really think it will be epic or anything, in fact I suspect it to be rather bad, but it will still be fun to watch I think.


Kimikiss pure rouge


This seems to be a slice of life drama romance along the liens of Honey and Clover so I thought I’d check it out, as I’m a fan of romance.




It seems like a school romance eroge adaptation. That’s really all I need to know, as even though I know all of those shows aren’t great, I still like to watch them.

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  1. I may watch it, but I already have a pretty big load – I want to give some time for Xeby-chan plus just other things, if I really like it I may add it to the list of the quick posts I’ll do.

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