Eternal Sonata Ch. 3 & 4 – Fantaisie-Impromptu and Grande Valse Brillante

It’s me Xeby-chan. Well here’s the second post….or third? Anyways, its about those same people I was telling you about. They do some different stuff, because they get split up and they all do stuff differently because they are different people and do the things differently in a different way because they are different :D So there’s this spy and they meet this other guy and they find a new spy, oh and someone dies and everyone keeps going to try and find each other.


  • We see Jazz, Falsetto, Claves, Allegretto, and Viola all together surviving the bridge fall. They say that they may be able to meet up with the others and that they should head to an inn that is nearby.
  • They arrive and Jazz, Viola, and Allegretto get to talking at night saying that Tuba and the Count’s men were expecting the rebel group, even though they were mistaken. He says that they knew of Jazz’s group coming and says that there is an information leak somewhere. Jazz saying that Claves and Falsetto are the only ones who knew of the mission…
  • They get to the base and Falsetto takes Viola and Allegretto around. Claves and Jazz, who are revealed to be a couple, talk alone. Jazz tells Claves he suspects Falsetto of being a spy, saying how she’s been usually hostile, especially towards Claves. Claves says that she can’t be a spy, and says something how the guards didn’t watch the dungeon, so perhaps there was no spy at all. Jazz says she may be right, and heads off to retrieve the others.
  • Jazz hears a noise coming form the house with Claves, but disregards it. We see however that inside that a woman named Rondo who is obviously working with Waltz appeared and has killed Claves, saying that it is her job to kill her if her identity is revealed. She says Falsetto suspected her and she had the opportunity to frame her, but didn’t. Rondo leaves a dieing Claves on the ground, who says she always knew Falsetto suspected her.
  • They flashback to some of the things Falsetto said already during the game that hint at her suspecting Claves. Laves says Waltz made a mistake in choosing her for this mission, because she fell in love with the target, Jazz. She remembers to just a moment ago, her saying Falsetto may just be jealous of the two of them, and how Jazz said he’s know Falsetto since childhood. She says she was the one who was jealous of them; she just didn’t want to lose to Falsetto. In her last bit of strength, she says that this is her final gift to the two of them, and sends a bird off saying its destination isn’t Forte anymore, its Baroque. She says that she had to do this one good deed before the end. She says that all she’s done has been an act, but at the end she wants to be herself.
  • We see Polka and Beat together, outside in the snow near a building. They say it was lucky they were picked up by that Baroque ship. They then have a flashback to what happened, Polka, Beat, Salsa, and Fredric finding themselves on a Baroque boat after being rescued by them. The captain, Crescendo tells them to make themselves at home. Salsa says that he can’t be a captain, as he doesn’t have a hook or eye patch.
  • Soon a pirate ship attacks their ship but everyone heads over there to defeat the pirates and eventually defeat them, and their leader Dolce.
  • Beat and Polka head inside the Baroque castle for a masquerade ball, in which Fredric plays the piano. Afterwards everyone meets with Crescendo, who is the prince of Baroque and his fiancé Serenade. They say that he suspects Waltz to attack Baroque once he has his army of mindless super soldiers. He says he was working with Andantino and contemplating assassination of Waltz but Serenade says that that would just be a cause for war and wouldn’t help the long term well being. Crescendo agrees and asks Fredric to relay a message to Jazz since they are acquaintances saying that Baroque won’t be able to support them anymore.
  • We see Rondo reporting to Waltz, saying how Claves is dead. Waltz says he was unreliable anyways if she fell in love with her target. Rondo asks if their other spy is safe and Waltz says that he has confidence in Serenade. Waltz sends Rondo out to check on Fugue and see his progress on finding the glowing agogos.
  • Polka, Fredric, Beat and Salsa head though the mountains, leaving Baroque, and head towards Ritardano. They eventually make it all the way though and end up right in agogo forest, where they find March. All around them agogos swarm around and start glowing, March and Salsa both saying they’ve never seen an agogo glow before. All of a sudden Fugue appears, the monocle guy, and says that he has finally found where the glowing agogos are, and fights everyone. Eventually he is defeated, and Rondo witnesses this. She notices however that the agogos are only glowing around Polka, that it’s not a matter of location of them but that Polka is the key.
  • Everyone decides to split up briefly, Polka heading home to check on her mom while Salsa stays with March to protect her form any future attacks. Fredric and Beat head to Ritardando to see if Allegretto is there.
  • We see back at Baroque the dove that Claves sent arrives at Crescendo’s window. They notice a note attacked to its leg and Crescendo reads it himself, the message saying that Serenade, his fiancé is a spy.


Wow, I’ve really become just drawn into the story complexly Originally, I wasn’t too incredibly interested in the story involving the different countries and the whole thing with the Count, I was more interested in the question of the world being a dream and if reality is relative. However, with so many things happening in the other storyline, it just surprised me and really drew me in.

First of things that’s really interesting all the damn spies. First Claves, wow that was interesting. Even though it was revealed she was a spy, and they really hadn’t shown much of there, they did such a great job with her character that I really cared for her and felt sorry for her dieing, even though she was a spy. It just surprised the hell out of me that they killed off a character as prominent as her, especially as she was someone you could control. Then, like I said, she was hardly shown at all at that point yet her death was such a great scene, it was incredible.

Serenade being a spy was really surprising as well, but hasn’t had the impact that Claves had just because she hasn’t really shown much of her character or any hint that she feels sorry for what she’s doing, but it’s still really interesting how complex things are already with the countries and more or less the politics of the world.

Then, I have to mention Falsetto. I’ve really become interested in her, even though she isn’t a spy or anything like that, her connection in this whole Jazz and Claves things is great. The semi love triangle they have going, the fact that she knew Claves was a spy but didn’t tell Jazz partially because he knew it would upset him, and then being pissed at Claves for dieing because now Jazz will always think of her. She’s not being mean or evil or incredibly upright and honest either. She has a very interesting character compared to some of the other characters, who although may be funny or something, are certainly not as complex and interesting as Falsetto has shown to be. Plus, even though she’s got short hair she is kind of hot :D

I did think it was really interesting that the agogos were only glowing around Polka. I hadn’t really thought of that before, but it makes sense because when they say it before it was around Polka, however I don’t really know why. I’m not even sure how much they are going to explain why they are glowing, as it could be something as simple as she can use magic so they glow, however if it is something more it could defiantly prove to be more interesting for the story.

I just absolutely love Salsa. She’s just freaking awesome and pure win. Just her attitude towards everything is great and because of that the lines she says are just priceless. Things like saying Crescendo can’t be a captain because he doesn’t have a hook and an eye patch, saying it right to his face and looking at him super closely. Crescendo’s face was perfect of Salsa just investigating him like that. Not only that but I just laughed for a long long time when she found the pirate hat. They were talking about all this great treasure and she finds a hat and acts like it’s the ultimate find. Then saying things like now she is taller then Beat and demands that he stands in front of the mirror. Those are just two examples really but overall it just means that she is just amazing, truly my favorite character.

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