Nanatsuiro Drops – 11

Haru tells Sumomo that when he drinks the potion to turn himself back to normal, he’ll loose all memory of all the events that happened after he became Yuki.


Wow, that episode was amazing. Not in the sense that I wanted what happened to happen, I don’t hate the characters and want them to be miserable or anything, but just the fact that this episode had as much drama and sadness as it did was great, as I really wasn’t expecting the show to have this kind of a rather sad focus to it, at least not from the very beginning. They’ve really done a great job I think of just making it much more then just collecting star drops. The main interest is in fact the relationship between Haru and Sumomo and I just love that, as it makes things so much more interesting. Given that they are characters that they spent a long time developing and made them really rather likable, I’m really drawn into what is happening. I really rather desperately want the two of them to end up happy together, and the show has really made me care about that more then some other shows of a similar theme have.

I do have to say that I am really really relieved and happy that the show didn’t end the way this episode did. I’ve said before that I’m not a really big fan of some of the endings many shows pull off where effectively memories are lost and the very end is that they effectively have to re do everything, but with perhaps no supernatural happenings. Pretty much, I hate endings that ended the way this episode did, but only for a series ending, it’s fine for an episode to end that way if it doesn’t conclude the series. I just feel that it makes a majority of the entire show a waste, seeing as how they went through the show doing all these things, building a relationship, and then boom it’s as if there was no point to the show if things just reset. I really really hope that somehow Haru’s memory returns, and there is a very good chance of that seeing as how they didn’t end the show the way this episode did. With an entire episode to work with, not having to deal with stardrops or magic and just about the relationship, that’s great. I’m thrilled they gave the show that much time. Not only is it a great indicator that they will get back together but it gives them plenty of epilogue room, and I love my epilogues.

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