Nagasarete Airantou – 25

Ikuto has to make his way to the mountain on the center of the island in order to retrieve a key that will let him seek the blessing of the Sea Dragon God, however all of the leaders from the island won’t let him get there without a fight.


This episode wasn’t really too bad. Of course it didn’t really have any romance bits to it, nothing like even the last episode had, but really this episode is completely not really focused on that that that’s not something that can be counted against it anymore. Still, the episode did have a lot of connection to things happening. It certainly wasn’t an isolated episode, which I really liked. They brought back all of the leaders and had pretty much the entire episode be about setting up for the final episode. I would have been very mad if they had made this episode pretty much a completely random and isolated episode, especially so close to the final episode and just after some rather interesting touching moments and the rather interesting plot of Ikuto leaving and Suzu’s feelings. Still, although this episode only set up for that stuff and didn’t really contribute, it was still very fun to watch, as I loved the battles with the leaders. It was very fun to watch.

I’m glad that the other girls trying to get in Ikuto’s way so far haven’t really hindered any of the touching moments or anything. Really, there hasn’t been any, there weren’t really in this episode, but I can defiantly see them putting some in next episode. Aside from Ayane, all the other girls were pretty much defeated, so I really don’t think there is a chance that they will be interfering, which I’m happy about because as I said them trying to do random wacky things to keep Ikuto on the island will cheapen any of the serious touching moments, and I think the show really needs to end on something like that to make any of the other comedy more ore less for a purpose. I really hope they deal with Ayane early on in the episode so she doesn’t screw things up later. Although, it’s not like any amount of the serious focus will make this show solely about that and change its genre over to romance, it’ll still be nice to have them show a little bit of it.

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